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The other day, my colleague Kuntal shared a small excerpt from The Pragmatic Programmer – a must read for every programmer. It is really something.

A tourist visiting England’s Eton college asked the gardener how he got the lawns so perfect. “That’s easy,” he replied, “You just brush off the dew every morning, mow them every other day, and roll them once a week.”

“Is that all?” asked the tourist.

“Absolutely,” replied the gardener. “Do that for 500 years and you’ll have a nice lawn, too.”

This conversation summarises what we have to do with Digicorp as a company.

We will keep improving our people, our processes, our deliveries, our attitude a bit every single day. If we relentlessly keep doing it for next 10 years, we will be a nice company too!

What do you think?

  • Posted on December 22, 2013

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