What are we looking for?

-Negotiation skills: This will be of value when facilitating negotiations between development teams and clients, you and development teams regarding development resources, and you and clients trying to minimise project scope creep.

-Active listening: This will be of great value when trying to collect business requirements, provide quality client service, and when gathering information for status reports.

-Dealing with conflict: This will be of value when the development team and client disagree and/or when deadlines are being missed and tensions are running high.

-Quality client service techniques: As a representative of Digicorp, providing quality client service is number one priority.

-Decision making: There are many formalised decision making techniques, such as a decision matrix, that can help you make quality, business appropriate, and defensible decisions that can help you to best service our clients and maximise your job performance.

-Problem solving: Like decision making, there are formalised problem solving techniques, such as Five Whys and Brainstorming that can help you discover a problem’s root cause and define potential solutions.

-Strategic thinking: Very often a business analyst must think outside-the-box to find innovative business solutions that meet our client’s needs. An understanding of strategic thinking techniques can help facilitate this process.

-Technical writing: A key role of business analysis is the creation of business requirement specifications and other forms of documentation. Your ability to develop coherent, informative, and usable documents is a requirement for professional success.

-Presentation and public speaking: Don’t underestimate the value of creating and delivering quality presentations on topics such as application designs, project status, and business requirements. Generally speaking, the people listening to your presentations are our clients, senior IT and business management people. Your ability to impress them with your presentation could have a significant effect on your career growth.

What will you do at Digicorp?

-You will communicate with prospective clients for understanding the requirements.You will create proposals/estimates and follow up.

-You will build wireframes, mockups for the development team once the proposal is approved.

-You will work with a project/product manager to identify the technical team for an approved project and explain the requirements.

-You will resolve any conflicts between the understanding of the development team and the client for a project.

-You will make sure the project gets deployed in time as per the requirements.

-You will create case studies and other relevant documents to update on the website.

-In one line, you are a bridge between the client and the development team.

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