Welcome to Digicorp

Written by on September 15, 2017

Can you recall your FIRST DAY(s)? Your first day at school or at college or in a new family (newlyweds) and finally that nerve-wracking first day at your new job! Well, the word “first day” itself has a potential to send chills down anyone’s spine, isn’t it? As a new kid on the block,...

Free Snacks at Work!

Written by on June 21, 2017

Food is definitely a way to show someone that you care. There is an old Indian saying, “Food is the only way to man’s heart”; Well, let me not comment on its validity in today’s millennial generation but this theory has partially entered the corporate world and is considered as one of the perks...

Lessons I learned after Leading an Event

Written by on May 26, 2017

We at Digicorp agree with this phrase “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy” and we firmly believe that creating the right social environment for employees is just as important as keeping productivity high.  So we plan numerous events round the year. Recently, we participated in a talent show organised by...

Thoughts on Open Culture

Written by on May 1, 2017

I have been an HR professional for more than a decade now (after transitioning from a developer) and during this I have heard the term “Open Culture” infinite number of times. Well, it can’t be same for everyone as every organisation is different. So today I am seeking an answer to this question: What...

Learning at Digicorp

Written by on March 10, 2014

When you enter Digicorp’s office, you will find bunch of wooden frames in the reception area. One of them reads, “Growth and Learning is life” and second one reads, “Teach and Learn Twice”.           When we decided to focus on building a strong culture at Digicorp, these two became part...

Payback – it’s time to give back to the society

Written by on February 12, 2014

“I wish if someone had told me this when I was in engineering” – we have said this many times in last 10 years. Addressing this particular issue is the primary motive behind “Payback” – an initiative which we are starting this year. We are going to interact with as many students as we can so that...

That’s it. Are you leaving now?

Written by on December 12, 2013

One of my common questions in every interview is: “Why do you want to leave your current job?” It is a very important question according to me. It tells you if the candidate is just job-hopping or there is a genuine reason behind the change. I get different answers but one type of answer...

Should you allow your staff to use social media at work?

Written by on December 4, 2013

The rise of social media and content websites (news, video, trading etc.) have put the entire workplace ecosystem in a fix. The perennial question for all companies like ours is: “Should you allow your staff to use social media at work?” We have had a chequered history with this particular issue. We have blocked...

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