Project Scope

To build an app to empower expectant mothers by fostering an awareness about healthy pregnancies along with end-to-end tracking & monitoring their journey to motherhood.


1,000,000+ installs on Google Play Store, thousands of active users on Apple App Store.




Soft launch in 4 Months, complete feature development in 6 months.

Current Status:

Project closed with 100% client satisfaction.


1 Principal Designer,
1 Product Designer,
1 Project Manager,
2 Developers

Early Beginnings -

Technology for a Cause

Stillbirth is a major plight in the U.S. with about 24,000 babies being stillborn every year in the country1. Project Alive & Kicking is a leading healthcare non-profit in the U.S. whose vision is to empower expectant mothers by fostering awareness about healthy pregnancies and guiding them to help their babies come into the world thriving, alive, and kicking.

In June 2017, they reached out to Digicorp to redesign & restructure their website in order to mitigate the challenges of low engagement and lack of differentiation & to further their cause of preventing stillbirths.

Initial Deliverable – Project Alive & Kicking Website

One of the first things that we did after kickstarting the project was to review and assess the existing website and identifying the critical issues that needed to be fixed. It soon became obvious to us that the website had extensive content around prenatal care and prevention of childbirth and demonstrated a clear edge in terms of volume and quality of the content. This also meant that the website was generating good traffic due to consequent advantages gained in SEO and overall domain coverage.

However, there was a lack of a robust structure that could streamline the website architecture for better flow and navigation and make the user experience more engaging and effective. Further, due to patchy design, the overall look and feel was not impressive, leading to incoming visitors getting disinterested and leaving prematurely. Last but not the least, Project Alive & Kicking was unable to establish itself as an authority in disseminating information, guidance, tips and strategies to empower women during pregnancy, and specifically to prevent stillbirths.

As a result, we first took on the herculean task of creating an information architecture for their website which contained over a thousand pages. We went for an out-of-the-box solution by segregating the content into the trimesters of pregnancy since each trimester has its own unique symptoms and challenges. We meticulously crafted a great UX flow and a stunning front-end with elegant and sleek design & the final website was highly appreciated by the client. In fact, this led them to further engage with us to help them build their product MePreg – an interactive personal assistant for pregnant women.

Identifying User Persona, Necessary Product Features & Developing the UX Flow

The idea behind MePreg was to build an all-in-one mobile app to help expecting mothers manage their pregnancy from day one by checking off pregnancy highlights, capturing daily bump photos, scheduling appointments, browsing the latest pregnancy information, meditating, and tracking their baby’s daily movements all in one place.

To achieve this, we first carried out an in-depth research of the target users, i.e. pregnant women who are keen to take better control of their motherhood experience and stay on top of vital information on staying emotionally and physically healthy during the journey. Further, we created information pathways connecting the product features with the awareness among target users about various potential risks like stillbirths, preterm birth, etc. and how to mitigate these risks effectively.

This back-end user-flow and product wireframe was complemented by an intuitive and easy-to-use front-end that deployed intensive colour therapy to make the look and feel soothing and calming for expecting mothers. We also regularly interacted with the client to gain insights into their understanding of the target user groups and their consumer behaviour.

Project Execution and Completion

Within 4 months, we created the first version of the app which was launched in both Android and iOS app stores. After a few more upgrades and revisions, the app now boasts of the following features that have won the hearts of millions of users. On Google Play Store alone, the app has received an average rating 4.7 out of 5 as voted by 35,000+ users and a total of 1,000,000+ installs. In the Apple App Store, it has received a rating 5 stars.

The client was extremely satisfied with our team’s hands-on and collaborative engagement model and was absolutely delighted with the final product that helped them to attain their vision and goals.

Technologies and Capabilities Deployed

We deployed a cross-functional team consisting of 1 Principal Designer, 1 Product Designer, 1 Project Manager, and 2 Developers – 1 each for iOS and Android. The key technologies we used in building this stellar product included Android SDK, CakePHP, MySQL and Swift. Technology selection played a major role in this project as it was important to make the MePreg app accessible and easy-to-use for all, irrespective of their fluency with technology.

Concluding Note

For Digicorp, it is extremely important to be instrumental in bringing the best of technology expertise in the service of greater good, and MePreg was one such fulfilling opportunity. It also helped us secure our foothold in the healthcare domain and join hands with an incredible partner who trusted and supported us along the way.

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