Our clients appreciate our efforts and ability to work through their needs, this is what they say about us.



David Geslak
President & Founder, Exercise Connection

"I want to congratulate you all on getting ExerciseBuddy Pro approved through Apple. This is driven by the children and families I have been working with for the past 13 years. They are desperately looking for help and WE are making it possible to bring the benefits of exercise to them.

ExerciseBuddy is changing the way that we communicate with this population in exercise and how to teach them exercise. Call it a disrupter, call it whatever buzz word you guys are changing lives. You are all going home hero's tonight! Keep it up."



Connie Hosker

"The Digicorp Team was a delight to work with. They listened and understood our vision; implementing our ideas and thoughts into their amazing vision of how best to connect & reach with our moms.
Thank you so much!!!"



David Litchman
iMenu360, Illinois, USA

"iMenu360 is a proven web-based platform for restaurants who want to have online ordering capabilities on their websites. Due to popularity of smartphones, restaurants want mobile optimized solution as well which we didn't have. For that we approached Digicorp. Digicorp has done a commendable job so far in building an exceptional mobile interface for iMenu360. iMenu360 will now work on iPhone and Android.

Digicorp worked very close with iMenu360 web team and understood the requirements well. I am really happy the way whole project has been managed and developed by them. I look forward to work with them in future."



Peter Blay
Director - Rogue Interactive Ltd, Kent, UK

Virtua-Book, a live diary and online booking system for the restaurant industry,had previously been developed in-house on OSX and Windows platforms. With the advent of Apple's new touch screen device, we felt that Virtua-Book would best suited for this new and unique portable device.

After receiving an opportune email from Digicorp about the benefits of outsourcing development work, we chose to work with Abhishek and his team from Digicorp on our new Virtua-Book product for the iPad. We were in the fortunate position of having a working specification and live model to aid Digicorp's development team. The project encountered a few technical and communication issues along the way, but that's generally expected with any outsourced project, and Digicorp rose to the challenge and delivered the project within budget whilst over-delivering on the time allocated to the project to ensure we were happy.

Since the launch of Virtua-Book we have had positive feedback from clients as well as from Apple's Business Development team in California and are already in the process of Version 1.5 upgrade with Digicorp to solve large party bookings and shared tables.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Digicorp's iPad development team to other businesses around the world.



Ravish Kapasi

"Digicorp provides complete package of software development. They are very honest in providing necessary feedback to founders based on their vast experience. They go extra mile in finishing projects in given timeline and put extra hours whenever necessary. They have very experienced software development team with expertise in various areas so that you always have some expert handling specific needs of your project.

Digicorp team worked closely with ContentPlum founding team to build ContentPlum from groundup. Digicorp was constantly involved in every aspect of development from design, server maintenance, software development and QA."



Peter Henderson
New Healthcare Enterprises, New York, USA

"The people at Digicorp were amazing -- timely, responsive, receptive to my requests for changes, and able to offer recommendations about how to improve the project. I got the feeling that they were not going to rest until I was completely happy. And in the end, I was.

They solved issues and problems smoothly and professionally. They were up-front with me about limitations or problems, and instead of leaving it at that, they worked with me to find a solution."



Nick Hill
Director -, London

"Abhishek and his team at Digicorp really dug us out of a hole.

We had less than 24 hours to migrate our existing setup an entirely new load balanced infrastructure on Amazon Web services, with no in house resource available.

When Gaurang was put onto the case, we felt confident that the job would get done. He stayed with us into the night, keeping us informed at all stages of the process. He worked hard to get a full understanding of our complex project, designed and implemented the most suitable solution and remained available to assist through the migration and load-testing stages.

Thanks to Digicorp, we managed to hit our deadline, and the scalable solution put in place is still working wonders for us today.

We thoroughly recommend these guys."



Samir Khandwala

"Digicorp excels in overall project management, communication, design and development skills.

For iMusti, they are maintaining complete product portfolio consisting of Website, Mobile applications on iOS and Android, Television applications on Samsung and Panasonic.

They engage right people to solve issues and problems, which come up during the development and communicate with customers."



Max Kubin
Whapee, Germany

"When we decided to outsource the development of our project, we were clear about the risks. Between the high noise of feedbacks we received on our offer, we discovered the normal pitch from Digicorp. From there, based on an open and trustful conversation, we delivered all our development needs to a hand-picked team, covered up by a an experienced lead.

Thousands of exchanged messages, a finished product and some version numbers later, it's still exciting to watch this happen. We have learned Nachiket Patel as a dedicated partner, keeping an eye on all of our agreements, financial transactions and contracts. While we care about the product, we can blindly faith that he cares about all the appointments we made. Be prepared to have an answer for your last message before going to sleep when you wake up."



Stephen Fegel
Galatea Systems, Netherlands

"Outsourcing development work to Digicorp has done enormous benefits to me. Not only the costs were lower but also it was easy to expand the capacity. In addition, the quality was even better than the Dutch programmers. A major disadvantage of outsourcing is the project management and finding reliable partners. Digicorp has excellent programmers and the owner Abhishek Desai is a reliable partner who believes in long-term relationship and only in top quality work for good prices."



Mustafa Baiwala
Design Master, Kuwait

"I am pleased to state that this is my 6th year in business with Digicorp. It has been a very rewarding journey with them. A journey of Earning and Learning. The people who started this business had a strong vision, and today it seems they are almost there. I would like to forward my special thanks to Mr Sanket Patel who had been extremely co-operative in all his works for all our projects during his several visits to Kuwait. Also I would like to forward my special appreciation to Mr Abhishek Desai for his flexibility and support and who is always available whenever I need him. Abhishek is genuinely 24 X 7 available guy."



Miguel Angarita, CEO
Perfect Plasma, Columbia

"As a software medical development company we have always been hesitant to go outside to do something we thought we could do ourselves. Unfortunately, the time we have were never enough for what we expected to achieved success on the complex job of developing UID and medical software at the same time.

We took a big step in reaching out to Digicorp and have not been disappointed about the choice – in fact we are elated with the results. All about Digicorp is professional, skilled, and communicative at every stage of the project. Their medical design skills are complimented by their UID talents, which pushed our demands from our original concept to a product that is head and shoulders above our competition marketplace local and globally.

I would recommend Digicorp, cause actually we will certainly be using them again.

It has been a really very nice experience of working with Abhishek, where only looks for a product success under simplifying software mantra, -just to make things better-. Work was good and all time availability of Digicorp PM service make things easy when clearing any doubts whenever we have one."



René Frey
Media Tune AG, Switzerland

"We have worked with Digicorp in the development of Facebook and iPhone applications. The cooperation with the developers was very professional and helpful to us, we have always had a good overview of project status. The communication was very easy, reliable and useful.

We are very satisfied with Digicorp and can highly recommend the company."



J .Daya
Patient History, Kuwait

"The work you have done to create our website and make it a reality is not a only a testimonial for a good work but it also demonstrates excellence in the quality of work and your commitment to provide the highest standards of service in all area's, one time communications and feedback, 24 hours service, creative, recommendation and immediate solutions to problems. Overall, you have provided us with outstanding service where I have doubt that we are able to receive such service excellence in our business today."



Poorab Shah
Bold Ventures Inc, New York, USA

"It's an emotional time for me! I see what was just a concept few months back, now completed and soon to be launched. I am excited, nervous and a whole lot of stuff that I usually don't experience :-)

I am not sure what's next for FanzClub (growth or doom) but at this juncture I do want to thank you and your team who have executed the job with thorough professionalism. I couldn't have made it this far if it were not for you guys! So thanks a lot!

Also, I would like ask the entrepreneur you for your opinion/feedback/suggestions on FanzClub in the current state. Do you see something that's glaring and missing that I cannot notice as I am too close? Any positive/negative feedback is most welcome."



Michael Darden
Perfect Pitch Media, New York, USA

"We thought we knew how Social Media worked. But Digicorp professionals have expertly guided us and helped us to understand how it really works. We're now better able to add a personal face to our Twitter page as well as engage and build loyal relationships with potential clients through it."



Shailesh Shah
Themis Computers, Palo Alto, USA

"Digicorp Team has perfect perceptive of the functions of the site as described in the contract and delivered the item according to the terms. During the development phase I certainly learned a lot about the unique aspects of Development and operations in your industry. Team has created a precious tool corresponding to the budget and has added priceless contribution in product development. I will have more projects for them in future."



Kshitij Patel
Manubhai & Shah, Ahmedabad, India

"We are a firm of Chartered Accountants. We have had great experience working with Digicorp. They have been involved in developing our ERP for electronic office as well as workflow management.

We have found them to be proficient and truly a professional team. It has been a great experience working with them."



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