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We have developed 400+ custom web applications and ventured on 15+ in-house digital products to gain rare expertise in design, development, and traction.

Whether you are a startup, a company, or an enterprise, we can help you develop custom web applications according to your needs. We can work within the idea, design, development, launch, validation, early traction and scale-up stage of your product. We strictly follow the lean and agile methodology to iteratively deliver products, minimize waste, and maintain the highest level of transparency.

Our custom web applications are designed to make users life easier. They delight users so they return and refer to more users. The applications developed by us are capable of handling millions of transaction with microsecond response times.

Generate your business revenue 2X by developing a new web application

  • Share your products, services, and other offerings on a website to generate leads
  • Provide a better understanding of the offerings on your business website
  • Develop a brand recognition with an official website to attract new prospects

Get a high performing progressive web application

  • Start processing a million user requests at the same time without any hassle
  • Build a highly efficient web platform to handle a large volume of orders at once
  • Enable customer engagement through multiple user touch points

Build workflows and manage cross-functional teams with enterprise web application for your business

  • Empower your sales teams by developing high performing enterprise web applications
  • Improve the organization’s output with real-time data insights
  • Make better decisions with real-time analytics

What do we offer?

We build custom websites. Hence, we can develop almost anything as per your needs which is technologically feasible. We have developed the following types of Custom web applications.

Scalable Web Platform
Progressive Web Applications
Progressive Web Application
Workflow Management System
Shopping Cart & ECommerce Development
E-commerce Platform
Marketing Website
Enterprise App Design
Enterprise Web Development
Food Ordering
Social Network Development
Social Network
Travel Web Application
Transportation and Logistics
Automation Web Application

Industries We Have Served

Health Care
AI & Robotics
Shopping Cart & ECommerce Development
Public Transport
Logistics & Transportation
Financial Services
ic_Fitness & Exercise
Oil & Gas
Real Estate
Real Estate

Technology stacks we offer

During our journey, we chose to work with matured technology

to deliver superior web development service to our customers.



  • MySQL

  • ic-mongodb.svg


  • Elastic Search

    Elastic Search

Back End

  • php


  • nodejs


  • .Net

  • Java

Front End

  • ic_javascript


  • ic_html5


  • ic_css3


  • angular


  • reactjs

    React JS


  • ic_CakePHP

    Cake Php

  • ic_ExpressJS

    Express JS

  • ic_dotnet-core


  • ic_hibernate


How do we do it?

We design & develop web applications in an iterative manner with lean and agile methodology. We build a minimum viable product first, validate it & then develop it incrementally to meet the business objective.

Understanding Product Vision & Discovery
  • Understand the customer segment and problem statement
  • Overview of product
  • Understanding potential risks & threat analysis
Define Objectives of MVP
  • Defining Customer experience
  • Product design with User Perspective
  • Potential Market for product
  • Customer On-boarding plans
Define Features & Functionality
  • Identifying core features which are going to add business value
  • Identification of functionalities which have dependencies
  • Defining Technology stack based on the features & functionalities
Define User Stories with Personas
  • Defining different user personas
  • Charting various user stories based on personas
  • Determining user journey
  • Identifying potential pitfalls and risk mitigation
Sprint Zero
  • Understanding the totality of user stories & creating a product backlog
  • Sprint planning & assigning team members
MVP Development
  • Iterative cycle of Design, Development, Testing & Delivery
  • Timebox delivery every 2 weeks
  • Sprint tweaking based on the continuous feedback
  • Sprint retrospection based on the feedback received
Post Launch Analytics
  • Measuring Business Specific KPIs
  • Staying ahead of the competition if any with data-driven strategies
  • Measuring onboarding success rate & optimizing goal funnels
  • Undertake a comprehensive audit to increase sales conversions
Traction Strategy
  • Gauging multiple channels for outreach
  • Massive user acquisition drive
  • Identifying & optimizing channels which generate greater ROI

How do we work together?

We believe effective collaboration is must to build the right product for the right users. Here is how we collaborate with you.


Close Relationship

Digicorp does not work in a client-vendor relationship. We work as a partner who works with you to add value to your business.


Project Management

We believe in complete transparency. You will get access to the transparent project management system (Basecamp) at any time and direct interaction with the developer.


Close Collaboration

A close and effective collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page & establishes a great delivery cadence within the team to achieve the highest output.

Why should you develop web app with Digicorp?

14 Years of proven experience in building products for startups and enterprises

Strict adherence to Lean, Agile and Design Thinking Processes

Delivering every two weeks to ensure quick go to market and validation

Flexible Engagement model

Complete end to end transparency throughout the engagement

Gone through startup life cycles for 15+ in-house ideas, out of which 4+ ideas turned into a successful business

How can we get started?

Engaging with Digicorp to develop website is easy

Share your vision
Share your vision

& the problem you are trying to solve. (If possible share your lean canvas.)

Get on a call
Get on a call

to understand the product further

Get a proposal
Get a proposal

with time & cost estimations


Delivering Better Customer Experiences by Building Right Products for Right Users

Let Us Build Great Products Together

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