Our work reflects our core values and beliefs. Here is a list of few products that our clients and we are proud of.



ME Preg by Project Alive and Kicking (PAK) provides moms with the most current prenatal information and medical guidelines for their forty-week journey from conception to birth.

Our Product Team closely worked with Me Preg team to build an awesome iOS app for expecting mothers. App is live on App Store right now and getting some rave reviews. You will love it too!

Role: Consulting, UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: Propeller, WordPress, iOS



Spahack is an application that changes the way clients book spa appointments specifically massages. Spahack is a beautiful and easy to use app that gives you the flexibility to book last minute spa appointments seamlessly and directly with the massage therapists for their offices.

Through this app you can book last minute massages (today and tomorrow), which allows the massage therapists to fill up their last minute open slots.

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GoWofee is a Startup by 2 college grads. The founders were looking to create a solution for seamless Residential Society Management for Indian Societies, where residents do not need to worry about their day-to-day needs and problems and they would proudly say that they live in a GoWofee managed society.

Digicorp provided consulting and guided the founders to define an MVP to start with. Our product team created a Marketing page for a quick launch and an Android app for the client to validate the product.

Role: Consulting, UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: Propeller Theme, Wordpress, Android, CakePHP



Startups are created to solve problems—but that doesn’t matter if the people they want to help don’t know they exist. Iterate Studio was created to match retail companies with startups that have promising technology, but it doesn’t just serve as a matchmaker. - its new cloud-based platform also integrates with popular commerce software and A/B testing services to make it simple for corporations to experiment with new solutions.

Digicorp has designed and developed the platform from ground up by closely working with the founders.

Role: UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: CakePHP, MySQL

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ExerciseBuddy is an iPad-based visual exercise system, which solves the difficult problem of introducing exercise to individuals with autism. Using best practice autism strategies, ExerciseBuddy inspires children and adults with autism to exercise without challenging parents, professionals, educators or caretakers.

Digicorp worked very closely with the founder, who is a pioneer of this concept, in developing the iPad app from an idea. Apps for iPhone and Android is in the pipeline.

Role: UI/UX Design, Product Development

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Petpooja is a comprehensive restaurant management platform. It is an all-in-one solution for restaurants to manage operations, billing, online ordering and marketing.

Digicorp is an investor and technology partner of Petpooja. We helped in conceptualisation, designed and developed the platform.

Role: Consulting, UI/UX Design, Consulting, UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: CakePHP, MySQL, Adobe Air, Android, Node.js

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With a world class eTendering and eProcurement product, which has consistently been at the cutting edge of innovation, Nextenders (NT) continues to focus on addressing the key “pain points” in terms of customer requirements. The product has processed more than 200,000 tenders successfully since 2003 and more than 5,000 tenders are being processed every month.

Digicorp is a product development partner of NT since 2009.

Role:Product Development

Tech Specs:Java, GWT, Hibernate, Mysql, MSSQL

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Axiom is a cloud-based analytics platform for building and distributing enterprise planning applications. It is a collection of blocks, pre-construct applications, and access APIs. It encompasses the key components of a planning solution: collect, organise, analyse, and visualise.

Digicorp was a technology partner and an investor. We helped the founding team develop the platform from ground up.

Role: Development

Tech Specs: Propeller, Node.js, MySQL, InfiniDB



The client is a technology-enabled healthcare business service company. They offer full-spectrum Electronic Health Records (EHR) on a subscription-basis along with Practice Management and Billing Services.

Digicorp has developed EHR for various US based clients since 2004. The latest EHR for a client is the most advanced of them all. It is used by more than 250 doctors and handles millions of transactions every month. It is CCHIT, Surescripts certified and has received 5 star usability rating.

Role: Product Development

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Client was looking to build a brand new EMR (or EHR) for Nursing home market in USA. They needed a team with health care domain knowledge and prior experience in building EMR.

Digicorp had developed EMR for Clinics in USA. But it would not have worked in Nursing Home settings. So we started again with a blank piece of paper and a set of clear objectives to design software that eliminated these barriers, solved the problems and achieved the objectives of nursing home facilities.

Role: Product Development



Contentplum is a comprehensive content management platform to manage dynamic and social content for websites, e-commerce platforms, blogs and events. It increases customer engagement, social sharing and brand awareness.

Digicorp worked closely with the founder in designing and developing Contentplum from an idea.

Role: Product Development

Tech Specs: CakePHP, MySQL



Karmany is a Sanskrit word meaning “to serve through business”. is a technology platform that connects social enterprises with global talent to inspire, share, and grow.

Digicorp designed and launched from an idea.

Role: UI/UX Design, Product Development

Read Karmany Case Study is a premier social entertainment platform for Indian cultural enthusiasts. With a vast and ever-expanding collection of Music, Videos, and Literature, iMusti has something for each type of Indian art lover. iMusti Inc. is based out of Fremont, California.

Digicorp is a strategic technology partner of iMusti. We are in charge of design, development, QA and online marketing of all iMusti products.

Role: Consulting , UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: iOS, Android, Material Design



iMenu360 online solution provides the no-hassle, low-cost, state-of-the-art system to take online orders. It offers restaurant owners a simple, convenient and user-friendly ordering experience for carryout and delivery customers. With over 4,000,000 orders placed in 6 countries and 40+ states of the US, iMenu360’s satisfied customers run the gamut from ethnic storefronts, bistros and fast food restaurants to fine dining establishments.

Digicorp created the HTML5-based online mobile ordering experience for iMenu360.

Role: Product Development



A flexible, secure, and realtime e-Auction platform from NexTenders. The platform connects auctioneers and bidders. The auctioneer offers his goods, commodities or services on an auction side on the platform. Interested parties can submit their bid for the product to be auctioned in certain specified periods. The auction is transparent, all interested parties are allowed to participate the auction in a timely manner. It supports both types of auctions, forward and reverse. The platform powers hundreds of large size auctions every day.

Digicorp is a product development partner of NexTenders since 2009.

Role: Product Development



CoverCake is a content visualisation platform for publishers and advertisers. It vertically integrates social data and provides data analytics and insights for digital media verticals.

Digicorp is an early investor and technology partner. We designed and developed the entire backend of the original CoverCake offering.

Role: Product Development



BZINGA Games innovative technology and functionality leads the way in sales motivational tools. With one central online application, the game ensures all businesses worldwide have the ability to log on, increase revenue and productivity from their staff members, while creating a fun and productive environment.

Digicorp created the web-based interface and entire game engine.

Role: Consulting, Product Development

Tech Specs: CakePHP, MySQL



JOOGNU allows you to keep memories with your child alive in various digital forms and create memory timeline. You can Write a Diary, Store Photographs, Capture Videos, Upload Documents and even Log a Prayer for your child.

Digicorp is an investor and technology partner of Joognu. We designed and launched a beautiful revamp of in mid 2013.

Role: Consulting, UI/UX Design, Product Development

Tech Specs: CakePHP, MySQL

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For competitive reasons, many of our consulting clients preferred to be unnamed.


After Digicorp’s inception in 2004, we have made ourselves a name as “technology people with a strong sense of design” or “the startup people”.

By working with a lot of startups and building solutions for companies, we have gained a rare expertise in designing and building world-class software products just from an idea.

So, is Digicorp for you?

If any of the following statements about you is true, you need Digicorp.

  • I need a technology partner for my startup.
  • I need a smart app with focus on embedded analytics.
  • I need a technology partner so that I can focus on my core business.
  • I have an idea and need technology team for execution.
  • I have burned my hands with incompetent software developers.
  • I need a long-term software product development partner.
  • I need a software product with focus on design and usability.


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