Candidates screened
Only about 8% of them could clear the several rounds of screening process.
Join us
485 Candidates Screened at Digicorp in 2015


Smart additions to
Digicorp team.
Their presence makes Digicorp a better place to work for and work with.
38 Smart recruitment at Digicorp


of us got married.
Well, read the expressions on their faces yourself and make a judgement! ;)
6 Digicorpians got married and started a new journey


Digicorpians entered a new phase of their lives by becoming parents.
Wishing them all the best for sleepless nights and amazing feeling at the same time.
4 Digicorpians were blessed with babies

Digicorp’s day out at Madhuban Resort

A memorable day at an elegant location. Pictures tell a better story.

Growth and Learning is Life

Being true to one of our core values, we started working on some of the most exciting
platforms and libraries like Meteor, Ionic, D3.js, Microservices and Web Components.

This is something we do the best

Help startups build world-class software products. Here are some of the startups we started working with in 2015.
Digicorp help build iterate.ai a market place start-up
Iterate.ai is a bi-directional marketplace connecting enterprises and startups worldwide.
Enterprises post challenges while startups provide solutions to the challenges.
Digicorp help build impact opportunities a social enterprise start-up
Impact Opportunities helps corporate professionals interested in making a social impact find right social enterprises for them.
Digicorp help build Book a wheel a logistic marketplace startup
Book A Wheel is a logistics marketplace connecting customers to a wide variety of shippers.
Customers can benefit from a selected group of reputable shippers, the best rates, and a secure platform. Currently active in Delhi, NCR region only.
Digicorp help build Sapplings an education industry start-up
Finding a school for your child? Sapplings will help you find the best one!
Digicorp help build Impression personalized an online gift shop start-up
Impression Personalised is a beautiful online gift shop that
helps you personalise your gift and buy it for your near and dear ones.
[To be launched]
Business Analytics Apps (BA Apps)
BA Apps tell stories with data, answer critical business questions, and help you make the right decisions at the right time.
Few of the BA Apps we developed:
  • iSupplier
  • Audit Analytical App
  • Entercoms


ExerciseBuddy app developed by Digicorp featured on USA national TV
ExerciseBuddy teaches individuals with autism to exercise.
It featured on the US national television.
Government of Mauritius started using NexProcure, an e-procurement solution developed by Digicorp for a client.

Change is the only constant

Few things we improved in 2015.
Digicorp enhanced QA Process
QA processes
Improved documentation by Digicorp
Digicorp introduced warrior process
Warrior process

DIGICORP’s UI library

This is one of the internal innovations we did in 2015.
We created a UI Library of commonly used UI components.
It propels the development efforts by great extent.


T-shirts distributed
We love t-shirts and especially designed by us. Our favorite t-shirt vendor is no-nasties, which is a 100% organic fair trade clothing brand.
107 Digicorp designed t-shirts made by No Nasties


Posts on our
Facebook Page
One of the most happening places at Digicorp is our FB Page! If you like Digicorp, hop on to our Facebook Page!


Bugs Reported by our
QA team
Shows our commitment to quality!
2298 Bugs Reported by Digicorp QA Team


Tickets handled by
our Support &
Network Team
We are there for our clients. Always!
1960 Tickets handled by Digicorp Support and Network Team

Diwali at Digicorp

Festival of lights and happiness always brings fun and excitement for Digicorp
in the form of rangoli competition followed by delicious dinner. Do check the pictures.
A fit Digicorp is a better Digicorp!
We have vowed to become a healthier place. Free daily fruits and participation in half marathon have just got us started
DCL - Digicorp Cricket League
This time we played it twice in a year! Shows our love for cricket.
DCL - Digicorp Cricket League
Workshop for Designers
A two-day workshop, where creative minds of Digicorp interacted with Interiact Lab for a session on Innovation & Interaction design.
Interactive Workshop for Digicorp Designers
Branded Stationery for Digicorpians
We launched our first set of branded stationery.
Launched first set of Branded Stationery for Digicorpians
Digicorp gets a new floor
The most elegantly designed floor so far. Now we won’t have to scramble for finding empty conference rooms!

Digicorp bids adieu to 2015

A rocking New Year Bash, where we welcomed the year 2016 wholeheartedly and yes, in all our senses! :)
With this we complete our 12 years,
but we have just started!
Here's to next 88 years.
Thank you!