Digicorp 2017, A Year in Review

We look back at the year that went by, a year where our People evolved with improved Processes while building interesting Products and Ventures and the World around was busy doing stuff that inspired us.


a team of

Our quest for smart people was on all year through.
We screened 218 candidates & welcomed 19
to our team.

131 leaves

throughout the year

Digicorpians as they entered the new world of Parenthood

We congratulated
2 Digicorpians as they got new designation - Parenthood.

Wedding bells rang as 5 Digicorpians tied the knot

Wedding bells rang as
5 Digicorpians
tied the knot.

With onset of winters, Digicorpians contributed wholeheartedly for the Blanket Distribution Drive.

We made efforts to stay fit & healthy. We ate lot of healthy snacks and fruits &
18 of us ran at the City Marathon events.

Marathon 21 km
Marathon Participants
Marathon Participants

Digicorp & CricHeroes became the new Champions of the Gesia Cricket League 2017

Digicorp & CricHeroes became the new Champions of the Gesia Cricket League 2017
DigiCorp participated in the dance competition at Gesia Talent Show 2017. The journey from rehearsals to the finale was a complete roller coaster ride for us. Checkout the video of our performance.

Talks delivered by Digicorpians

Talks delivered by Digicorpians
Seminar on IoT at DIGICORP,
by Nikunj Patel
Talks delivered by Digicorpians
At eChai UX Forum A'bad,
by Supriya Agnihotri Jagani
Talks delivered by Digicorpians
At Aarohan - Nirma Conclave,
by Abhishek Desai
Talks delivered by Digicorpians
Understanding the Blockchain Basics,
by Kuntal Shah
Meetups and Events Attended
Meet ups
Meet ups
Meet ups


Streamlined work processes towards building product teams that
delivers usable products.

3 Month Induction Training for Freshers

Training for Freshers

Inspired by the book "Employee First and Customer Second" by Vineet Nayar, ex-CEO of HCL Tech
with an objective of building the best place to work, we transformed DIGICORP into an Ecosystem.


Being true to one of our philosophies - Teach and Learn Twice we started weekly Friday Learning Session

Marathon Participants

Some of the interesting seminars delivered by Digicorpians:

  • Getting Things Done, by Kuntal Shah
  • Introduction to Machine Learning, by Nitin Makwana
  • Visible Thinking, by Abhishek Desai
  • Invest regularly in Mutual Funds, by Urvish Sheth

Inspired by the book Sprint, by Braden Kowitz and Jake Knapp we carried out our first design sprint for one of our ventures - The Vastra App.

We applied Lean and Design Thinking methodologies on the products and ventures we worked on.

Writing helps us amplify our thoughts. We have 2 hours of power blogging session every Wednesday where Digicorpians come and write on their ideas, best practices, real life experiences and more.


We were busy building usable software products for interesting Startups and Companies. We are thrilled by the feedback they gave.

Helped a local business to design and develop a new Android based IoT solution for societies and residents to control any home appliances and equipments using Wi-fi.

An easy to use app that provides Moms with the most current information and medical guidelines for their forty-week journey from conception to birth.

Once again - the team at DIGICORP delivered! In less than a month we went from just a concept to a working prototype that puts a smile on everyone's face we show it to. The agility, speed, quality with which the team delivered is truly commendable. The entire team rocked! Prathit did an amazing job filling in the gaps I left and steered everyone in right direction while constantly keeping me abreast. Jigar rocked with his design - which was very well received by everyone. And obviously everything would be meaningless without the amazing app Kevin & Himanshu built out in short time. Great job, Team Tommie! We are now taking a 'break' to execute some marketing tests. I hope that the results are promising and the business model proves out allowing us to dive into building the full fledged app out. And I sincerely hope to get the same team back when we get there. Fingers crossed!
- Poorab Shah, Founder, TechTommie

A local growth-stage ecommerce startup specialized in delivering cakes anytime anywhere, was facing problems with conversion, we designed a better user experience which will improve the conversion rate.

Helped an individual doctor working on a mission to bring awareness and sense of responsibility among young girls about their health and sexuality, to create a proper digital presence which will amplify her efforts.

I want to congratulate you all on getting ExerciseBuddy Pro approved through Apple. This is driven by the children and families I have been working with for the past 13 years. They are desperately looking for help and WE are making it possible to bring the benefits of exercise to them. ExerciseBuddy is changing the way that we communicate with this population in exercise and how to teach them exercise. Call it a disrupter, call it whatever buzzword you want.......you guys are changing lives. You are all going home hero's tonight! Keep it up.
- David Geslak, Founder, ExerciseBuddy

Conceptualize a marketing website for drone based start-up using our propeller theme.

Helped a startup founder to create MVP for an Apartment Management Mobile App and launch it in the market.

Our dedicated product team has been working hard for more than 5 years and now Petpooja has become a profit making venture. PetPooja is recognized as a leader and innovator in the Indian Food Tech Industry with strongest tech offerings.

Created an iPad App for iPad based e-commerce platform that will transform the shopping experience for Homemakers, by connecting them to local stores.

The DIGICORP Team was a delight to work with. They listened and understood our vision; implementing our ideas and thoughts into their amazing vision of how best to connect & reach with our moms. Thank you so much!!!
- Connie Hosker, Founder, Project Alive & Kicking

Tommie is a simple, intuitive, always available teacher that guides people step-by-step through any tech question or topic via a hands-on approach.

Helped a 35 year old electronics to revamp their online presence to show their expertise, process and experience. Also created IoT based solutions like SmartLabel, Location Tracking Dashboard etc.

I am so glad I associated with Digicorp for my app development. The team is very professional yet very cool and easy to work with. They know exactly what they are doing and they are so good at it! Throughout the app development, they were very responsive, helpful and meticulous. They took all suggestions in stride and delivered an app, which was much more beautiful than what I had imagined. It was fun associating with them and I am always going to Digicorp for all my future app developments!
- Radhika Patel, Co-Founder, Lazy Switch

An IIM-A alumni company and a leading education brand of India wanted to create an engaging online experience for their end-customers (students) and to automate the whole enquiry process. Our design team created a modern avatar of Endeavor by closely collaborating with their team.

A US based student data analytics firm wanted to create a solution to seamlessly collect student academics data. Our team figured an innovative way to use browser extension and made the whole idea possible. Eventually we helped them build an inhouse tech team and take the whole effort further.


Year 2017 saw us working on yet another brand new homegrown idea, building existing venture and spinning off one of our most promising venture.

  • Propeller got 7.5K+ visits in 2 days
  • Launched Propeller Themes
  • 4600+ Theme downloads
  • Crossed 1000 Stars on GitHub
  • 3800+ Propeller kit downloads
  • Pitched Propeller at eChai event - Pitch your startup
  • How to use Propeller course on Envato tuts+
Vastra App

"The Vastra App" automates the current Job Slip Management system in the Textile Industry and makes the work of vendors smoother and easier.

CricHeroes has become the first home-grown idea to spin off as a separate venture from DIGICORP. Here is what CricHeroes has achieved in its journey of 1.5 years.

  • 19797+ Matches Scored
  • 1549+ Tournaments Covered
  • 340510+ Players Registered
  • Central Board of Cricket Ahmedabad joins hands with CricHeroes to score all its tournaments online on CricHeroes Website and Mobile App
  • Won the "Most Valued Startup" at Mentorial 2017

Thank You :)

2017 was an eventful year indeed!
Here's to a progressive 2018.