Welcome to Digicorp.


You are now part of an extraordinary culture we are building.  A culture which cherishes personal relationships, happy personal life and empowered individuals.

Digicorp may look like an ordinary IT service company from outside but it’s different inside. At least we like to believe so!

This document will familiarize you with our values, philosophy and few things we follow and respect. We hate technical jargon and euphemisms so it is written in a very simple and transparent language.  Take time to read it and grasp as much as you can.

If you do not understand any part of it, please feel free to contact any of the Digicorpian sitting next to you (make sure he/she is not wearing headphones! then you can’t disturb)

Some notes and assumptions:

  • This document is written keeping in mind a new hire, so if you are an existing Digicorpian reading it…please skip reading sections which are not applicable to you!
  • The document has few links which will take you to the external websites from where we have taken the reference. We would encourage you to read those articles also along with this document.
  • This is a live document, we will let you know if there are any changes.

Digicorp Core Values

Digicorp works with certain values, values it has derived out of experience and maturity. Before joining us it is very necessary to understand our core values. These are not just sentences on notice board or on a website for the sake of it, these core values are the reason we exist today.

Only if you believe in the values, you will be able to fit inour culturewhich is nothing but our values in action. So here are the core values which shape Digicorp.

Great service is the only mantra

There will always be a serious demand of quality software companies in the world and we know there aren’t many. We would like to become one and remain one forever. Giving great service to our clients in every phase of project is our mantra to become best from good!

Relationship can only be open and honest

Life is far simpler if we keep relationships open and honest. Digicorp is our life and we would like to keep it simple. Keeping things straightforward with each other and with clients helps us focus on doing real work i.e. build quality software and our clients love us for that.

Teach and Learn Twice

Have you ever tried explaining something new which you learned today to your friend or colleague. Try it!. While doing that you will realize, you do not know that “new thing” completely yet. Yes when you teach someone you always learn more than that person. To remain competitive forever we have to teach each other and our clients.

Change is the only constant

Technologies change, Requirements change, Designs change, People change, We change! All we do all the time is change ourselves and adapt to new environment. Software Development being one of the most dynamic industries out there, we have to remember this more than anyone.

Growth and Learning is life

Right from our birth we start learning and we do it till the end. It essentially covers up our whole life. We grow and learn or we learn and grow. We can not separate the two. At Digicorp, we remind ourselves of this eternal truth every day. We learn about new industries, new people, new problems, new solutions almost everyday while building software for clients. We consider ourselves lucky to be in this industry.

Our Software Development Philosophy

It is very necessary to understand our software development philosophy before you join Digicorp.

We call that philosophy“Getting Real”!

It is based on the book written by 37Signals.com founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

The book is all about how to build a successful web application. Guidelines described in the book are so simple, they are hard to believe. But we have tried some of them and they work beautifully. And it is applicable not just for developing web application but more or less for any kind of software application.

We will take some liberty to write excerpts from introductory chapter here.

What is Getting Real?

Want to build a successful web app? Then it’s time to Get Real. Getting Real is a smaller, faster, better way to build software.

  • Getting Real is about skipping all the stuff that represents real (charts, graphs, boxes, arrows, schematics, wireframes, etc.) and actually building the real thing.
  • Getting real is less. Less mass, less software, less features, less paperwork, less of everything that’s not essential (and most of what you think is essential actually isn’t).
  • Getting Real is staying small and being agile.
  • Getting Real starts with the interface, the real screens that people are going to use. It begins with what the customer actually experiences and builds backwards from there. This lets you get the interface right before you get the software wrong.
  • Getting Real is about iterations and lowering the cost of change. Getting Real is all about launching, tweaking, and constantly improving which makes it a perfect approach for web-based software.
  • Getting Real delivers just what customers need and eliminates anything they don’t.

We recommend reading the whole book online before you start doing anything at Digicorp.


As a service company we do have some restrictions in applying this philosophy in all the projects but we do follow it as far as we can.

Once you understand what is “Getting Real”, it will be very easy for you to make a decision as a developer, designer, QA or a team leader in Digicorp. We promise it will change your life forever.

Working at Digicorp


Although there are no hard and fast rules of in time and out time, for the convention’s sake, office timings are from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

We work 5 days a week, Mon-Fri.

We do not block any social networking or news sites. We trust you and we know you understand your responsibility. We like to treat Digicorpians as adults and manage them as little as possible.

We just expect you to give average 40 hours of throughput every week.

Throughput is what you can achieve in the given amount of time.

So it does not include your lunch time, tea time, mobile time, social networking time, news time, trading time, TT time or any other recreation time.


Having lunch together with the team is a very important part of our culture same as FogCreek Software , a company we admire very much at Digicorp. We have a decent lunch area called ‘Cheeni Kum’ and we would be really happy to see you with your team members during the lunch time.


Digicorp uses Basecamp as its primary project management tool. Basecamp is a leading web-based project management and collaboration tool created by 37Signals, another company which we truly admire.

It is advisable to use it for communication with team members and clients.

Passive Communication:

We are big fans ofpassive communication at Digicorp.

“It is a type of communication where you do not require an instant reply from a person. For e.g. emails, basecamp etc.”

If you think carefully, 99% of the time you don’t need an immediate answer to the question you are having but still we disturb the person sitting next to us instantaneously. It affects the productivity of that person severely.

As per Paul Graham of Y Combinator

“You probably only have to interrupt someone a couple times a day before they’re unable to work on hard problems at all.”

So please avoid it as far as possible.

Especially if a person is wearing headphones, please DO NOT disturb him by tapping his shoulder or by sending him an instant message. It means that person is “wired-in” and does not want to be disturbed! Use email or basecamp instead.

This practice will also help you and others avoid working late or working on weekends to get things done, which we don’t encourage.

“Digicorp” is an official “Mobile Silent Zone” for the same reason as explained above. So please turn your phone in silent mode whenever you are inside office or work area.

Holidays and Leaves:

Apart from having all weekends off you are entitled to following per year.

  • 10 Leaves
  • 10 Public Holidays

We want you to have a work-life balance. We strongly believe programming and designing are more of an art than science and artists need rest. So enjoy the weekends, leaves, public holidays and come back rejuvenated.

However, sometimes Gods (in our case clients and unforeseen situations!!) conspire against us and we might have to work on these holidays. Don’t worry it does not happen too often and it will be communicated to you beforehand.

Some general guidelines:

      1. At Digicorp, we ask everyone to submit the “Request for Leave” application one week priorto the desired date of leave and the process is also simple.
        1. Sign into Backbone
        2. Apply Leave
        3. As an acknowledgement, you will be mailed your leave status.
      2. If you have to take leave on Friday, Monday or on both, approval needs to be taken before two weeks at least.
      3. If you are planning a vacation it should be informed at least a month or two ago.
      4. There won’t be any leave adjustments for the work done on Saturdays or Sundays because we would like to make sure the work gets completed on weekdays and not on weekends. We want you to enjoy weekends and not see you in office. Office premise will be closed on weekends for work. In rare cases, when you need to come office on weekends, please inform your team leader beforehand.
      5. Hypothetically if you have utilized all the leaves in the first month of the year and unfortunately if you resign in the third month, appropriate leaves will be deducted from the last month’s salary. We hope this case never happens.
      6. As mentioned before, Digicorp does not enslave you. We want you to give pure throughput of only 8 hours out of 9 hours you ideally spend in office. You get 1 hour everyday for lunch break, tea break and other recreational activities. Once in a while if you need to work more than 8 hours a day please do not consider it as additional work. There won’t be any extra work compensation.
      7. Just because weekend is coming up, office closing time does not change. That means 7 pm s 7 pm even on a Friday. Please do not leave before 7 on the last day of week unless it is already communicated with your team leader. Clients can have genuine expectations from any of us till 7 (or 8 depending on your in time) on Friday and we have to attend to them.
  1. You should be in office before 10:30 AM on the first day of week (mostly Mondays). Remember it is not our official in time for Monday. This is only and only for the convenience of Digicorpians living outside the city who travel on early Monday morning to reach office.
  2. Always stay connected: You should be reachable on phone and have access to internet connection on weekends. Because in case of emergency due to some development issue or any other unforeseen event we might need to disturb you. If you are not going to have Internet access, you need to have a contact in your team who has access to it and is available on weekends if needed. Rest assured, this does not happen often and we take utmost care for that.


We appraise each and every digicorpian on yearly basis, giving them credit for their achievements and setting targets for the forthcoming year. This generally happens in the month of October every year, which means that the appraisals will be applied in that month’s salary. Rest assured, there is no eligibility criterion for the same, other than a neat 3 months tenure at Digicorp to the appraisal month.

On Joining

A newly joined Digicorpian has to submit the following documents:

  • Relieving letter (NA if no prior experience)
  • Experience letter (NA if no prior experience)
  • Copy of last three month’s salary slip
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Bank account details. (If available)
    1. Name, Address and contact numbers of the bank
    2. Account Number
    3. Account opening date
  • Copy of address proof (e.g. Passport, Driving license, Electricity/Telephone Bill, PAN card, Election Card etc.)

What a newly joined Digicorpian needs to know?

  • You will be issued an appointment letter in a period of 21 days to your joining.
  • You will be provided a salary account with HDFC bank in case if you do not have one. Once done, your monthly salary will directly be credited to your bank account on 10th day of every month.
  • You will be given username and password for accessing Backbone by the HR personnel. Kindly complete your profile.
  • An e-salary slip will automatically be mailed for the salary drawn.

Career Planning

Digicorp more or less is a very flat organization. We do have different roles such as developer, sr. developer, team leader, etc but these roles do not restrict nor completely define the responsibilities you may have in the project. We have open door policies and everyone has equal say in planning and execution of the project.

Same as 37signals, we’re not big fans of what we consider “vertical” ambition —i.e. the usual career-path trajectory, in which a newbie moves up the ladder from a software developer to a manager over a number of years of service. On the other hand, we revere “horizontal” ambition—in which employees who love what they do are encouraged to dig deeper, expand their knowledge, and become better at it.

We always try to hire people who yearn to be master craftspeople, that is, designers who want to be great designers, not managers of designers; developers who want to master the art of programming, not management.

Thus the idea of career at Digicorp is to become a world class developer, designer, QA or a team leader. We want you to have the best technical, communication and writing skills for your position. We do not compare ourselves with local IT companies. We have to compete globally and the best developers in the world are your competitors.

Of course this does not mean your annual raise will be affected because of the position you are in. Raise is solely based on how good you are in doing your role.

This also does not mean you will never be promoted to a more senior role such as “Sr. Software Developer” or a “Team Leader” but we will extensively discuss the role, responsibilities and your preparedness for the role.

In short see “Career Growth in Digicorp” as gaining maximum knowledge in your current position and becoming the best before moving on to the next role.

Resignation (The Melancholy days)

Well, we would certainly not like any of our Digicorp family members to leave us. But sometimes it is unavoidable due to various reasons. We wish you all the best for your future in case this happens and we would be glad to help you in making this a smooth transition.

But before that, since we’re on the subject of how to do something uncomfortable like resigning, we encourage you to read following road mapdefined by one of the best entrepreneurs in the software world for resigning.

  1. If things are going well at the company, and you’re learning and developing, you should stay three years–at least. There is no reason to jump ship if you’re learning and enjoying your time at a company.
  2. If you’re not learning, enjoying yourself or developing, you probably shouldn’t stay in a company. On that, I think we all agree.
  3. Ask your boss if you can take 10 minutes of her time to speak in private. If your boss is busy, ask their admin if you can get on the schedule and say that it is urgent.
  4. Tell your boss everything truthfully. Tell them why you’re leaving, where you’re going and what you’ve loved about working at the company. If they ask, tell them what you think could be improved.
  5. If you would rather stay at your company, but need to make more money, be straight with your boss and let them know you would like them to match, or come closer to a competing offer.
  6. Don’t post correspondence of any private discussions with your boss on the Web. That’s not good for anyone–even though it’s highly entertaining for many.
  7. Here is a basic script for a situation where you absolutely want to leave a job:

“Boss, this is hard for me to say, so I’m going to just come out and say it: I’m resigning today. Don’t worry, I will give you as much time as you need to transition–within reason. It’s not personal, but I really want to take on this challenge at company TKTK. I understand if you don’t want me here in the office as a distraction to the rest of the  team. Please let me know how I can help us all have a really smooth transition.”

Here is how you can resign

  1. You can file a resignation via Backbone.
  2. We are sure you understand your responsibility before leaving Digicorp. You will have to finish your assigned work during the notice period and transfer the responsibilities to other team member. In unfortunate situations where you are not able to finish it in stipulated time, you may have to elongate the notice period.
  3. We would never like to do that but in case you fail to complete the notice period you may not be eligible for receiving any experience, relieving or any other official letters. In certain situations you may not be eligible for the last month’s salary.
  4. During the notice period paid leaves won’t be allowed. In case you have to take leaves, you will have to elongate the period to compensate them. Typically notice period is of one month for Digicorpians and 2 months for senior members of the team.
  5. After the successful completion of notice period, you will be provided with two copies of Relieving Letters and one copy of Experience letter. You will have to sign and submit one copy of the relieving letter to HR personnel.
  6. We do not close your bank account after you leave Digicorp so it will be up to you to close it or to continue with it.
  7. An Exit Interview : It is not obligatory for any digicorpian to attend the exit interview, but we would sincerely appreciate any inputs that you have and will assist us in continually improving and providing a better workplace.

Hope you enjoyed reading this document as much as we enjoyed creating it…Welcome to Digicorp!

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