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We Specialize in a Wide Array of Technology Stacks.

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A Dedicated, Cross-Functional Team of Product Experts

Our Passionate, Innovative and Seasoned Technology Developers have Augmented the Capability of Many Happy Clients.


Electronic Health Record (EHR)

A cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Billing Software designed to meet the needs of imaging & image-guided procedure specialists such as radiologists & endovascular experts. We have developed over 50 modules and counting while offering ongoing maintenance and support.

Key Solutions & Deliverables
  • Developed several modules including Scheduler, Interoperability Dashboard, E-Prescriptions, Prior Authorization, Health Summary, Patient Portal, Vitals, Problem/Diagnosis, Document Management, and more. 
  • Ensured compliance with all regulatory standards, such as HIPAA, CCHIT, and OHB, to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality. 
  • User-centric UI-UX design backed by a secure and robust infrastructure, providing an intuitive and seamless experience.
  • Offering continuous maintenance and upgrades to ensure optimal performance and keep up with the evolving technology and industry standards.
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NexTenders - Dedicated Team and Product Development by Digicorp


Nextenders delivers next generation eProcurement solutions to various Indian state governments and PSUs. It is a market leader in India with operations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Key Deliverables
  • Ensuring database, platform and browser independence.
  • Compliance with Nextenders’ patent-pending Secure Bid process.
  • Auction Engine product designed to amplify the offerings.
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RedPrint is a cloud-based asset-management tool. It improves the asset tracking process by saving time and eliminating data-entry errors associated with the manual approach.

Key Deliverables:
  • User-centric UI-UX design and a secure & robust back-end.
  • Iterative testing, launch, incorporating feedback and maintenance.
  • Design & development of a lead-generating marketing website.
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Exercise Buddy - UI/UX Design, Product Development, Mobile App Development by Digicorp

Exercise Buddy: Wellness App for Autism

Exercise Buddy has developed exercise programs with different exercise components that can change the lives of children with autism, down syndrome, and other physical and cognitive disabilities. It has over 200 visuals on social narrative and over 150 exercise videos to help instructors make their sessions more effective while monitoring the real-time progress of each child.

Key Solutions & Deliverables
  • End-to-end solution consisting of a back-end system, a mobile application, and APIs.
  • The app was filled with different exercises with postures and illustrative videos to help parents and instructors educate children easily. It also includes the functionality to monitor real-time progress of the child.
  • UI-UX design keeping in mind the accessibility guidelines to meet the needs of the specially-abled users.
  • Featured a centralized system that coaches can use to manage users, groups, categories, exercises, and workouts.
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Our Partnership Approach has been Perfected Over a Decade

Here’s how we help Transform Your Ideas into Compelling Products with a Dedicated Team.
UX Experts
UI Professionals
Need Mapping - Our Approach - Digicorp
Need Mapping

We identify your specific technology needs and skill requirements.

Team Selection - Our Approach - Digicorp
Team Selection

You shortlist resumes based on experience & track record, & interview for final selection.

Dedicated Team - Our Approach - Digicorp
Dedicated Team

Product Development Experts are deployed with exclusive focus on your project.

Seamless Engagement - Our Approach - Digicorp
Seamless Engagement

Co-develop products with our dedicated professionals & obtain regular updates.

Our Deep Domain Experience helps us Add Value to Multiple Industries

Here are a Few Domains where we have Left Our Mark.

Education Industry - Digicorp - Web and Mobile App Development Company
Healthcare Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
AI & Robotics Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
AI & Robotics
E-commerce Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Logistics & Transportation Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Logistics & Transportation
Retail Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Finance Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Fitness Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Oil & Gas Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Oil & Gas
Real Estate Industry - Digicorp - Custom Software Development Company
Real Estate

We Work with You as Partners, Not Vendors

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We charge a flat-fee during the project and ensure a transparent pricing. No hidden costs & no confusion.
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Your product is your intellectual property, now & forever. All your data are safe with us – we are ready to sign an NDA, if required.