Our Years in Review

In a Nutshell.

In 2023, Digicorp continued building successful digital products, forging winning partnerships with our esteemed clients, and delivering impactful digital solutions. It was a year of milestones, memories, and collaboration! Watch our year-in-review video to get a recap of our efforts toward building great products, the agile rituals we follow, and the culture we are proud of!

2022, in particular, was all about “Building Stunning Products”, we crafted future-proof solutions and products for our customers, focusing on hybrid work and getting better at it. Here is a quick look back at the year that went by, a year in which we had so much to celebrate and be proud of.


Much like 2020, this year too was full of “ You are on Mute! , Hello, Can you hear me?”, “ Sorry, I had a bad network  ”, “ Well, I had power failure in my area ” and yet we survived, we sailed and together we conquered the 2nd year of COVID pandemic!


Despite the many unforeseen challenges of 2020, it has been another year of exciting new firsts at Digicorp. From seamlessly transitioning to a work-from-home workforce, delivering more than a dozen Products, conducting trainings and workshops, video conferences, Events and surprises, we lived it all.


From learning new technologies to Crafting delightful User Experiences to building great product teams, Closing large size contracts from silicon valley, the USA to significant venture growth, 2019 had it all.


From learning new tools and technologies to building great product teams, Developing Scalable Products, to Crafting delightful User Experiences for more than 25+ technology businesses, 2018 had it all.


We look back at the year that went by, a year where our People evolved with improved Processes while building interesting Products and Ventures and the World around was busy doing stuff that inspired us.


2016, a year where we not only build usable products for our clients but also took out time to build a few of our own.


From working with startups to implementing new processes, 2015 was a year of many memorable moments.


We celebrated our 10 years anniversary, gave ourselves a brand new identity much more than just a new logo, tagline or a website. 2014, an eventful year indeed!


2013, a year where we helped our clients launch lots of interesting apps and websites, won a GESIA award for “Best Mobile App Development Company”, had our first D’Meetup, gave our office a new look and much more.

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