Project Scope

To accurately capture the product offerings of AUS & communicate their features, benefits & applications through a user- friendly website.


AUS website attracts hundreds of visitors every day including prospective clients and potential investors.




2 months

Current Status:

Project Closed, 100% Satisfaction.


1 Principal Designer,
1 Full Stack Designer


Hailing from Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India. AUS builds autonomous drones that come with unprecedented ease of operation. They can be operated by any user without the need for any specialized training. They provide DGCA-compliant, digital sky-enabled, professional drone solutions for enterprises, and reached out to Digicorp towards the end of 2018 to build a website that would help them grow to the next level.

Client’s Need Mapping

When the AUS team approached us, they had a bare-bones website in place with just a video explaining their products. At that time, the company had already entered the market and were backed by a renowned early-stage venture capital firm.

Even though AUS’s products were gaining ground in the market, they realized that to grow to the next level, they would need to attract more customers by convincing them of their state-of-the-art features & key value propositions, and also secure additional growth capital to scale-up their operations.

Thus, a full-fledged, user-friendly website with an intuitive storyline, elegant design and robust back-end was required to establish an online presence, convert potential customers, and secure the confidence of prospective investors for the next round of funding.

Project Planning and Implementation by Digicorp

From the very first day, we understood that given that the startup was operating in a niche industry, we had to be meticulous about crafting a powerful storyline that was easy to understand and make it come alive through impactful design. Our process entailed the following:

Information Request

We shared a comprehensive questionnaire with the AUS team covering key queries on various aspects of the business, product, website, customers, and competitors. Their responses helped us understand their requirements and preferences.

Market Research

We then conducted in-depth research on the industry, user personas, competitors, and positioning strategy of similar products in the market.

Information Architecture and Wireframing

We crafted a product story for AUS by emphasizing on the applications of their drone solutions in various key industries like Mining, Urban Development, Roads and Railways, Irrigation/Watershed Development, Construction, and Utilities.

AUS-Information Architecture

Our wireframes captured the users’ navigation across key content blocks devised by us like basic product information, services provided, clients served, how it works, industry applications, and details about the company.


Content Optimization & Visualization

We simplified the highly technical content provided by the client to create an easy-to-understand messaging across the website and striking the right balance between visual depiction and textual descriptions. Adding industry-specific visuals, screenshots of user dashboards and enhancing credibility by highlighting client logos are just a few of the many suggestions given by Digicorp that greatly increased the website’s look and feel.

End-to-end UI-UX Design Created from Scratch

We designed the various design elements of the website in an end-to-end manner along with a front-end kit and back-end user flows. This way, we deployed lean-agile methodologies to quickly turnaround the website’s clickable prototype which was promptly approved by the client team.


Testing, SEO, and Launch

We iteratively tested the website for any major changes but it was cleared at one go without the need for any significant modifications. The client was not familiar with SEO requirements and so we held a meeting to brief them on SEO benefits and our website SEO process. We carried out a comprehensive SEO audit, meta-content creation, and on-page and off-page content optimization to make the website visible and rank higher on popular search engines. The website was then launched and the AUS team expressed their complete satisfaction with the project.

Technologies Deployed

The key technologies deployed for the AUS project include WordPress, Bootstrap 4 and SCSS. Further, we used our unique & ready-to-use UI design library Propeller that cuts down design time by nearly 30%. We provided 1 year of website support and maintenance for the project and then handed it over to the client team.

Bootstrap 4

Concluding Note

Digicorp’s experience in productization and technology innovation makes it the preferred go-to partner for growth-stage startups across the world. Further, our experience in building websites for innovative products that are difficult to position and explain, help us make a difference in the journey of startups looking for rapid and aggressive growth. AUS is one of the many examples where product startups partnered with us to leverage our capabilities and take their venture to the next level.