Project Scope

To build an exhaustive and easy-to-use platform delivering corporate information and insights on registered, listed companies in India.


1.9 Mn+ companies and 3.3 Mn+ Directors.




Soft launch in 6 Months, complete feature development in 10 months.

Current Status:

Project closed with 100% client satisfaction.


1 Principal Designer,
1 Product Designer,
1 Full Stack Developer,
1 Product Manager

The Beginning of a Visionary Journey

In India, even until a few years back, extracting corporate information for sound decision-making required one to study and analyze multiple documents or rely on word-of-mouth. Whether it’s a businessman, a researcher, an investor, or a regulator, there was no way to access critical business information effectively and efficiently.

The owners of CORPOSITORY are a dynamic father-son duo with long experience in financial advisory and chartered accounting who approached Digicorp in early 2018 with the vision to provide a smarter, faster and more insightful alternative to the existing approach by building an exhaustive and easy-to-use platform of registered, listed companies in the country.

Initial Discussions - Thinking Beyond Data Dump

At the very beginning, we understood that the client was not looking for just another platform that merely collects and presents information from the databases of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Instead, they wanted CORPOSITORY to go much beyond being a data dump and generate detailed reports on companies with the option for customized, on-demand insight generation by applying smart logic.

The scope and potential of this project excited us to the core, and soon we not only joined hands with the client to build the product but also commenced working on the product’s branding strategy. In fact, the name ‘CORPOSITORY’ (Corporate+Repository) emerged as a suggestion from the product team and branding experts at Digicorp during one of the earlier client discussions and was immediately accepted by the client as a highly apt brand name for the platform. We then also helped in designing the logo and color scheme (corporate blue) by undertaking a detailed branding process which received rave reviews.

Identifying User Persona and Necessary Product Features & Developing the UX Flow

One of the first exercises that we carried out was to map the different kinds of users of CORPOSITORY and the specific needs of each of these user groups. This was no easy task as the platform had use-cases across 9 key stakeholder groups which are listed below.

Through in-depth research, discussions with the client, and strategizing user flows, we arrived at several key features that formed the cornerstone of the product. These included:

  • Exploring Companies & Directors
  • Obtaining Director and Company Snapshots
  • Updating Company Information and Sourcing the Latest Data
  • Conducting Advanced Search by Applying Filters Across Key Parameters
  • Studying Trends in Financial Datapoints Over Time
  • Exporting Data to CSV, and
  • Accessing Detailed Multiple-year Financials Along with Private Reports

We then sketched out step-by-step wireframes for the UX flow of the mobile application by ironing out the kinks and factoring in the specific user-experience to be imparted efficiently through the above features.


User Flow & Wire-Frames

Corpository - User Flow

corpository style guide

Simultaneously, our front-end team pulled out all the stops in creating an attractive, elegant and user-friendly front-end kit which envisaged colors, scheme, typography and visual elements like images and graphics.

Corpository Style Guide - Projects

Technologies Deployed and Project Execution by Digicorp Team

By adopting lean-agile methodologies, we developed a clickable UI-UX prototype for the platform that served as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the client and was delivered within just 6 months. It underwent a few rounds of iterative testing to attain market validation. The entire development process was collaborative and user-driven with weekly meetings and progress briefings.

Corpository UI

The project required us to coordinate with multiple stakeholders, as apart from the client team, there were also third party data management teams who were working on integrating the data from MCA and other sources and feeding it to the back-end. There were several server-related technicalities that required us to engage with the client’s in-house product management team as well.

Eventually, we designed the application for both Android and iOS, and later, we also adapted the UI-UX for the web application. Further, we also designed the website by having in place the various front-end components. Interestingly, this was our first Angular project and we were delighted to receive immensely positive responses from the client from start to finish. We also mapped the database architecture to MongoDB for faster data crawling and collation on a near real-time basis. Today, CORPOSITORY is an industry leader delivering insightful corporate intelligence on 1.9 Mn+ companies and 3.3 Mn+ Directors to a wide array of users who can access the platform by subscribing to appropriate subscription plans.