Project Scope

To create a holistic health management app based on user dietic and activity habits


Launched the mobile app with complete data integration and intuitive visualization




1 year

Current Status:

Project completed with 100% client satisfaction


1 Engineer Manager
1 Product Manager
1 Principal Designer
1 UX Designer
1 Mobile App Developer
1 Backend Developer


In the era of advanced technology and the ever-growing importance of personal health, the challenge to create a comprehensive app that seamlessly integrates health data from various sources has been met by Theraputix.

This case study explores the development and implementation of Theraputix, an innovative app designed to read, store, and provide insights based on users’ health data. The app focuses on Dietetic and Activity habits, utilizing wearable devices such as smartwatches to offer a holistic view of health data.


The story begins with the client, an individual who discovered and downloaded a UI component from one of our ventures Propeller. Impressed with the functionality and user experience provided by the UI component, the client reached out to our team with a unique proposition. Instead of seeking assistance with enhancing the UI component, the client expressed the need for a full-fledged solution centered around user health management.

Recognizing an opportunity to create a unique health solution, our team embraced the challenge presented by the client and embarked on the journey to create a holistic health management app, named Theraputix.

Health Management App - Theraputix

Client Onboarding and Requirement Understanding

Upon receiving the client’s request, our development team engaged in detailed discussions to grasp the unique requirements of the envisioned health management app. The client’s primary challenge was clear – the development of an application capable of reading, storing, and providing insights based on health data acquired from wearable devices and other sources. With a green light from the client, the team was officially onboarded and set the wheels in motion.

The Birth of Theraputix

The primary objective for Theraputix was to provide real-time insights based on both dietetic and activity habits. To achieve this, the app would leverage health data obtained from wearable devices and mobile apps. The product team began by defining key features essential for a comprehensive health management solution:

BMI Calculation and Caloric Intake Insights

Theraputix offers a feature that calculates the body mass index (BMI) of the user. This feature helps users evaluate their overall health based on their height and weight. Additionally, the app provides insights into the necessary calorie deficit or surplus required to maintain their BMI, and it recommends daily food intake to achieve the desired caloric balance. This new feature enables users to make informed decisions about their diet and fitness routines in order to achieve their health goals.

Calorie Intake Insights

To empower users with insightful nutrition tracking, the app could automatically calculate the calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein, sodium, fiber, and other nutrients that the user consumed throughout the day based on the food intake information provided by the user. Additionally, the app could transform this data into visually engaging graphs, offering comprehensive insights for daily, weekly, monthly, or user-defined date ranges.

Activity Tracking

The app seamlessly integrates with smartwatches and mobile sensors to track various aspects of user activity. Users could monitor walking steps, running steps, and total steps taken throughout the day. The incorporation of user activity logs ensured a comprehensive overview of physical movements, contributing to a holistic understanding of one’s daily activities.

Location-Based Insights

We leveraged the Radar API to incorporate location-based data. Users could view their running and walking routes on a map within the app, providing a visual representation of their outdoor activities. This not only added an engaging element but also allowed users to track their fitness progress.

User Engagement and Visualization Tools

Understanding the significance of user engagement, Theraputix incorporated visualization tools like graphs, pie charts, and progress bars to present health data in an easily understandable format. These tools empower users to analyze their habits, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance their overall well-being. The overarching goal was to prevent diseases, and complications, and maximize quality life expectancy.

Challenges and Solutions

Building Theraputix came with its own set of challenges. Integrating diverse data sources, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining user privacy were among the primary concerns. The product team implemented robust data validation processes, anonymized user data storage, and encrypted communication protocols to address these challenges. Continuous testing and user feedback loops were crucial in refining the app and ensuring a seamless user experience.

Technical Details

The technical setup of this project encompasses several key components. On the frontend, it utilizes Java, specifically tailored for Android Native development. Meanwhile, the backend infrastructure is powered by Node.js, offering a robust foundation for server-side operations. Data management is facilitated through MySQL, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval. With Android API support ranging from version 16 to 27, the application is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of devices, prioritizing mobile platforms for optimal user experience.


Theraputix received positive feedback from users who appreciate its user-friendly interface, insightful features, and the ability to consolidate health data in one platform. The journey from UI components to the development of Theraputix exemplifies the adaptability and innovation inherent in the software development industry. What started as a venture providing UI components evolved into a transformative project, showcasing the ability of a development team to meet unforeseen challenges and deliver a groundbreaking solution. Theraputix stands as a testament to the power of seizing unexpected opportunities, understanding client needs, and leveraging technology to address evolving market demands.

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