Project Scope

To built an all-in-one and easy-to-use learning operating system that integrates diverse data from Online Learning Programs (OLPs).


22,000+ Students, 19 Schools.




MVP launch in 2 Months, complete feature development in 6 Months.

Current Status:

Project ongoing, 2 phases completed, 100% client satisfaction.


1 Principal Designer
1 Product Designer
1 Product Engineer
2 Developers


What Made Rocketship Look for a Vendor-Partner for Their Learning Operating System?

Rocketship Public Schools is a national network of high-performing elementary schools in underserved communities in the U.S.

Headquartered in California, they cater to over 22,000 students in the Bay Area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington D.C.

Key Challenge: The school administration had been relying on an off-the-shelf software product called ‘Clever Goals’ to aggregate data on the students’ academic progress on the Online Learning Programs (OLPs). They faced a major stumbling block when their online learning integration tool – Clever Goals (One of the Clever products) – was withdrawn from the market.

How They Reached Out to Digicorp: In 2019, on receiving the news that Clever Goals would be soon phased out from the market, the authorities at Rocketship began to consider building a look-alike product from scratch to replace Clever Goals. As they began to look for a potential vendor partner to accomplish this, an existing client of Digicorp recommended our team to the decision-makers of Rocketship.

Education Outcomes and Stakeholder Confidence at Stake

Since online learning is a critical vehicle for Rocketship to deliver excellence in public education, creating an internal product similar to Clever was the need of the hour.

Personalized Learning

The institute measures individual student progress to personalize teaching methods for each student based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Reporting to Key Stakeholders

Further, the data on the students’ collective progress is used for reporting to donors and parents.

eLearning & the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made eLearning the new norm. Hence, it became indispensable to build the platform in the shortest possible time.


Our Approach

Resolving the Imminent Crisis:

Digicorp first focused on firefighting the immediate problem by building a replica of Clever goals. To do this, we overcame several hurdles and laid down the foundation for the entire project through the following activities:

Understanding Client Goals

We mapped the client’s overall goals and chalked out how best it can be achieved.

Seamless Aggregation

The key challenge was coordinating with OLPs, each of which generates data of different types and forms.

SEO, Client Approval and Launch

Powering Integrations

Establishing data ownership and creating multiple third-party integrations.

Timely Delivery

Delivering under high time constraints with little time to research each user category.

Smooth Running

Addressing scalability and load-time issues due to rush delivery.

Feasibility Check


Creating reporting logic to automatically generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly dashboards for various user categories.


User Research, Personas, and Journeys

Creating user personas for each user type & identifying goals, user journeys, and UX-UI specifications for each of them based on 30+ user interviews and focused group discussions over a period of 2 months.

Business Consulting

Coordination & Communication

Working closely with the Rocketship’s Learning Innovation Team to identify the feature upgrades required over and above the basic version.


In-depth Insights

Augmenting the platform architecture by adding advanced reporting logic like extracting weekly reports on the progress of each student, section, and class.

jetpack indepth insight image

Quick Comparisons

Generating summaries and comparisons across weeks and months and auto-sending the same via email.

Style Guide UI Elements

Focus on User-friendly UI

Rocketship’s target age group for students is from Pre-K to Grade 5. Thus, making the entire system highly user-friendly for students, their parents, as well as teachers and admins was a priority for us.

jetpacked userfriendly UI
User Flow, Wireframes & HTML Elements

Unified Branding Experience

Configuring brand elements like color scheme, theme, layout, and typography for the platform so as to ensure a unified experience for all the stakeholders.

Transition to a SaaS Platform – Jet PackED

The client was so impressed with our work that they decided to convert it into a full-fledged SaaS product that can be used by other schools as well.

For this, we added a Product Engineer and a Product Designer to the existing team and enhanced the feature list and the product scalability.

  • Beyond Rocketship: We added additional features that schools outside the Rocketship network would need and made it possible for them to use it all with just a few clicks.

jetpacked partner image

  • Product Launch: The new product was rebranded as Jet PackED and was launched at a high-profile event organized by Rocketship where personnel from diverse schools tried out the all-new platform experience.
JetPackED branding presentation


We are currently adding several more innovative features to make the platform one of the best such products out there. Our association with Rocketship helped us to create a one-of-a-kind product for the American elementary education landscape.

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