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Company Overview

Petpooja started as an online food ordering platform catering corporates in 2011. It acted as a single place for more than 500 corporates to food online from multiple restaurants for a couple of years. During this journey, Petpooja faced a lot of challenges due to the unorganized restaurant business which made them realize the need for bringing restaurants on the same platform with the help of technology.

To fulfill this need, Petpooja launched a Point of Sale platform for restaurants in November 2013. Since then Petpooja is being used at more than 2000 restaurants across multiple cities in India (ex. Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Chennai ).


Creating a cutting-edge Point of sale platform which enables small to mid-size restaurants to manage their operations leveraging the use of technology.

Problem Description

The client wanted to create a next generation point of sale system for small to mid-size restaurants to manage their operations and give birdseye operational visibility to restaurant owners. The system must run on any PC with any operating system with the existing hardware. More importantly system must work with or without the internet. The system should also work at biller’s desk to generate bills/invoice and at the same time bring the current status of restaurant earnings on fingertips of the restaurant owner.

The client was looking out for a long-term partner to carry out the vision to the reality and found Digicorp as a perfect fit.


Digicorp brainstormed with the client about the current need of the market and designed an architecture to provide a solution which works in an online-offline model. Digicorp played a vital role in choosing the technology which would work in future and serve the needs of a market.

We took an Agile development methodology(Scrum) approach with the cross functional dedicated development team. With quick iteration at the early stage, we were able to release a usable product.
This helped us getting customer feedback early which eventually help us prioritize the product backlog.

Digicorp created a configurable product which can be efficiently used across different hardware (Desktop, Mobile etc.) with almost 150 printers supported with the touch of a button.

We designed and developed various interfaces and APIs that can be used by third parties (Online Ordering Portals/Apps such as FoodPanda, Swiggy, Mobikon, Massblurb etc. ) to interact with the Point of sale system. This enabled third parties to access restaurant menus in real-time along with order placements. We also developed APIs to provide POS integration with banks using the EDC machine.

Apart from that, other APIs are also developed to be used by third parties to provide seamless integration with the Petpooja POS which includes

  • Payment Infrastructure

    Integrating with banks using the EDC machine.

  • Wallet Payment Acceptance

    Integrating with India’s largest e-wallet payment provider (PayTM) to accept the payment from Petpooja PoS in offline space. (Without OTP mechanism)

  • Online Tenderer

    Integrating with various tenderer to get quick loans with the help of digitized data (invoices).

  • Restaurant Websites/ Applications

    Integrating with various white label App/Websites enabling them to go online.

  • Online Delivery Systems

    Integrating with various delivery providers (Runnr, Grab, Parsel, Jugnoo etc.) to send the orders straight to the PoS system.

With more than 15 third party integration, our solutions have received accolades from various other companies in terms of technicality especially in Point of Sale system across India.

We created a web-based solution which syncs with the Android Phone/Tablet based devices to capture the orders and pass them seamlessly to the POS system. This required using different technology stacks with proprietary sync mechanism.

Along from the technology, Digicorp worked with Petpooja management and sales team for defining the product roadmap and conceptualizing the future developments of a POS systems in India.


  • Petpooja is being used in more than 2000 restaurants across pan India.
  • Petpooja platform is able to cater more than 2L requests per hour.
  • More than 0.5 million bills are generated on daily basis.
  • 5K user hits are sent to various third party applications.
  • Created a marketplace for third party Apps allowing restaurant owners to plug and play solutions which suit their business needs.
  • The system can be replicated to other domains (e.g. Retail) with minimal changes.
  • Micro-services based architecture will allow plug and play components for scaling.

Development Prospects

Petpooja aims big to provide a full stack point of sale platform leveraging the use of technology by accumulating the third party vendors for the restaurateurs to ease their operations and scale business.

Services Provided

  • Consulting & Business Analysis
  • Product Design and Development
  • Regression Testing and Quality Assurance
  • The Web service and API development
  • Product release, installation, and technical support
  • UI and UX design
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Product Management