Project Scope

To build a highly modular architecture and robust code for a lifecycle management system to repurpose unused tech-inventory (Revivn) as well as build a scalable, cloud-based asset management and tracking app (RedPrint).




Soft Launch of Revivn app in 6 Months and Soft Launch of RedPrint in 8 months.

Current Status:

Project closed with 100% client satisfaction.


1 Senior Full Stack Developers,
1 Junior Full Stack Developer,
1 Product Designer.

For Revivn, Creating an Automated Lifecycle Management for Repurposing Old, Unused Tech-Inventory was a Stumbling Block – Until They Found the Right Partner in Digicorp…

Revivn is a next-generation hardware remanufacturing company. It is a certified benefit corporation that reduces waste by repurposing old office electronics. They collect all the excess office electronics, give them a new life and in the process, do good for the society and the environment. The tech that cannot be repurposed is ethically recycled. They have created a robust system for this, which begins with the collection of the office electronics from the client’s site, then securely destroying all the data in these electronics and finally giving a new life to the unused tech.

Earlier, Revivn was manually managing the inventory lifecycle of the tech items to be recycled, which meant, that each step in the process took significant time and money and hence, was expensive and inefficient. To increase efficiency, Revivn wanted to automate the whole process as well as integrate the databases and stakeholders through a single portal.

When Digicorp was referred to Revivn by an acquaintance of one of our co-founders, Revivn knew that they had found the perfect organization to get their automated system built. Digicorp is known for its unrelenting focus on precision and innovation, backed by a team that accepts every challenge with enthusiasm and ensures 100% client satisfaction at each step.

Our Approach – How We Built the Secure, Scalable & Modular Revivn App from Ground up:

After a detailed discussion with the client, we acquired a deep understanding of:

  • their processes like order management, pick-up scheduling, packaging, safe transport and logistics, and repurposing activities,
  • their clientele like Twitter, Airbnb, BuzzFeed, and
  • the role of each stakeholder in the process.

We then kickstarted building concept notes and user flows for the Revivn app. When it came to technology selection, we realized that the various modules, user scenarios and front-end interfaces would be best served by a combination of 3 key technologies, namely React+Redux, Node.JS and Bootstrap 4. We delivered a workable solution to the client in less than 6 months. We received rave reviews and appreciation for the client for the highly modular architecture of the product and robust coding that made it highly functional, feature-rich and easily replicable for new products.

While building the product we always kept our focus on the security, functionality, and efficient product coding to ensure that every client of Revivn gets the best and the most secure service that the company has to offer at every step of the way. This impressed the client immensely as it was beyond their expectations and in turn resulted in another project with them i.e. the RedPrint app.

Taking Corporate Asset Management to the Next Level with RedPrint App:

RedPrint was conceptualized by the client as a cloud-based asset tracking and management app for corporations that help them to keep track of the usage, status and asset properties of their devices like mobiles, laptops, computers, and others. It is a flexible and customizable system with a central database, cloud storage, and complete security that allows you to track and manage your mobile assets in one place at all times and with complete ease. Once RedPrint project commenced, the two projects were handled by Digicorp simultaneously as Revivn (the product) was still evolving as per the needs of Revivn (the client) and its end-users (like Twitter).

Since we had already worked with the Revivn earlier when they brought us the RedPrint project, we knew exactly how to go about it. The team that created the Revivn system was engaged to create the RedPrint app.

  • The end-to-end product was built by Digicorp including user research, wireframing, UI-UX design, prototyping, iterative testing.
  • Enabled augmented asset tracking process by saving time and eliminating data-entry errors associated with manual processes.
  • Create and track asset logs, view which assets are assigned, to whom, and their status, and view the asset’s complete details and history.
  • One of the key challenges in product development was ensuring high-end Identity & Access Management through the integration of single sign-on providers like OKTA, Google IDP, Onelogin, SAML and proprietary user login systems of end-users, which our team managed very well.

The entire project was completed in less than 10 months and we ensured that all the client’s requirements were met. Just like the earlier project, we had exceeded the client’s expectations in this project as well and we believe that they will choose Digicorp for all their future needs.

Concluding Note: Partnership for a Better World

Digicorp shares Revivn’s vision of repurposing unused tech for a greater cause and enabling greater control to corporations in managing their technology assets. Although the Revivn projects were challenging and fast-paced, our team rose to the challenge and delivered beyond the client’s expectations. The team learned new coding languages and delivered both the projects with high client satisfaction in less than a year. Although the projects have been concluded in early 2019, we take great pride in the work done by our team and their dedication.