Project Scope

Build a marketplace for the Government of India to connect industry partners looking for blue-collar workers and training partners (SkillConnect), Design and Develop BetterPlace Website & Compliance Platform.


21,37,402 Registered Candidates, 417 Hiring Requests, 108 Training Partners, 90 Registered Employers.




6 months (SkillConnect), 1.5 months (BetterPlace Website), 4 Months (Compliance Platform)

Current Status:

Support & Maintenance.


1 Product Manager,
2 React Developers,
1 Product Designer

Managing Blue-collar Workforce - A Critical Challenge in India

In India, industrial units face various challenges in recruiting & training the blue-collar workforce and managing the various compliances associated with the same. There are multiple sources to meet the demand for white-collar jobs, however, the resources are scarce it comes to unskilled and semi-skilled workers.

The team at BetterPlace wanted to design an all-in-one lifecycle platform that adapts to the needs of blue-collar recruiters and helps meet the growing demands of the industry. This case study is an example of an evolving partnership between Digicorp and its clients like BetterPlace who rely on our expertise, capabilities, and commitment to developing not one but multiple products/websites and engage with us in an end-to-end manner across their journey.

Primary Engagement

MVP Development for SkillConnect Platform

BetterPlace wanted to develop a marketplace for the Government of India to connect industry partners looking for blue-collar workers and training partners. This digital marketplace – namely SkillConnect – connects the blue-collar workforce with their employers and acts as a one-stop destination for lifecycle management for the workforce’s onboarding, verification, training, financial services, benefits and more. In other words, SkillConnect connects industry employers to NSDC-trained candidates.

Digicorp collaborated with the client and understood the requirements to develop and design SkillConnect. We began by creating the scope document, user stories, and sprint plans to understand & analyze the requirements. Our dedicated cross-functional team developed the minimum viable product (MVP) by adopting lean-agile methodologies.

With quick iteration in the early stages, we developed a web-based platform to be used by 3 key entities: Govt. Sector Skill Development Council – to manage the marketplace, Industry Partners and Training Partners.

Industry Partners

Industry Partners – like large private companies, PSUs, etc. who generate demand for trained blue-collar workforce. The various activities carried out by them include candidate search, posting hiring requests, view recent activities, update and access contact information, and change account settings.

Training Partners

Training Partners – individual and training companies, who post databases on the trained workforce. Their activities include viewing hiring requests, posting, candidate statistics, accessing requirement history, viewing recent activities, collecting data from training centers, viewing and sorting candidates, update and access contact information and change account settings.

Training Partners - SkillConnect

We have offered an intuitive user interface by developing separate ashboards for Industry Partners and Training Partners. The platform became a huge success and received rave reviews from the BetterPlace team and key users and stakeholders. At present, the platform has generated a total demand of 19,65,300 trained workforce by bringing together:

BetterPlace - SkillConnect Success Stats

This way, in collaboration with Digicorp, BetterPlace was able to reduce the candidate-vetting duration for the blue-collar workforce from 3-5 days to under 6 hours.

Other Engagements – BetterPlace Website and Compliance Platform

Apart from the SkillConnect platform, we also built the BetterPlace website, which entailed structuring a large volume of information into numerous webpages that were easily accessible, responsive, mobile-optimized, and elegantly designed.

BetterPlace Website - Website Development - Digicorp

Further, various aspects of BetterPlace’s operations were visually captured through a large number of interactive design elements like graphics and animations.

We were then approached by the client to build their next product – Compliance – which is a platform that streamlines the compliance process associated with the hiring of the blue-collar workforce by industrial employers. The compliance requirements which are mandated by the Government of India, used to be time-consuming, entailing around 50-60 detailed physical forms. The employers are often dependent on contractors to get these done and failed to do so cost the employers dearly.

Digicorp, in close collaboration with BetterPlace, created the product user-flows, wireframes, and the MVP for Compliance with the aim to create a paperless platform to easily organize, file and execute all the compliance requirements in a timely manner. Our work received great appreciation from the client team.

Compliance User Flow - Web Application Development - Digicorp


Technologies Deployed

The key technologies deployed for the project include Node.JS, React+Redux, MySQL, Bootstrap4, SCSS. Further, we used our unique & ready-to-use UI design library Propeller that cuts down website design time by nearly 30%.

MySql Technology - Digicorp

Concluding Note

Our partnership with BetterPlace is built on trust, credibility and win-win engagement. Not just BetterPlace – over the years, we have been trusted partners in growth for many of our clients who have looked up to us for technical expertise and market understanding.