Project Scope

To build a light-weight browser extension plugin to block ads securely & effectively.


Millions of users daily




2 years

Current Status:

Maintenance & Support


1 Developer


In late 2018, we were approached by the owner of the leading Ad-blocker browser plugin to work on their new product uBlock that would filter and stop unwanted advertisements across all the leading browsers as an extension. They wanted a browser extension plugin that would be lean, effective and fast.

Client Specifications

The client was looking to develop a browser extension that blocks unwanted advertisements and speeds up the browser performance. Since there are many ad blockers available online, we at Digicorp had to work our way up by developing a tool that was efficient, fast, and lightweight. The plugin would not only block ads but also block trackers used by advertisers to keep track of user behavior and protect the users’ privacy and protects against malicious crypto-mining scripts used by sites.


Our Approach

At Digicorp, we believe that an effective process gives way to an effective product. Our time-tested process is the key to the success of uBlock and it encompasses the following:

Business Consulting

Client Interactions

Our weekly calls ensured that we were on the same page as our client when it came to expectations and clarity on the next version.



uBlock is one of the projects where we have conducted independent research for the product and self-discovered the best ways to enhance the solution. The research entailed going through the available products and competition in the market, researching customers’ needs and pain points, and then listing out the best features that would be suited for uBlock.

Feasibility Check

Feasibility Check

The result of the in-depth research was a list of features and functional additions to uBlock which would best serve the extension. Once we had that list, we would run it through a feasibility check. This part of the process was basically to figure out if a feature is compatible with the existing features.

SEO, Client Approval and Launch

Comparison and Analysis

The features which passed the feasibility check were then compared with the other products available in the market. This was a good way to test how the product would stand with respect to the competition once released.

Memory - uBlock

Overcoming Critical Challenges

The project came with its own set of challenges, especially, technical ones. We believe that each challenge makes us a better team and we love reflecting on them to remind ourselves of the complexity of the projects we handle.

Functionality Across Browsers

One of the foremost challenges that we faced with uBlock was ensuring that it worked across browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Memory Management

Along with functionality, we had to make sure that uBlock did not take up a lot of memory or browser space and as a result, made the browser work slowly. We cut down uBlock to its bare essentials in order to make it fast and effective.

Comparision - uBlock

Efficiency for Active Users

Frequent updates are challenging as there are thousands of active users using uBlock at any given point of time. To ensure that we do not cause inconvenience to the existing users in any way, we tested all the new features stringently before releasing them.

Technologies Deployed

uBlock has been developed on Javascript and designed for a secure, seamless, and fast online browsing experience. uBlock, with its long list of cool features, enhances the overall online security and experience for its users. It is now one of the fastest ad blockers available on the internet and is easy to set up, use, and customize. uBlock currently brags of the following features-

Blocks Ads

uBlock blocks ads on millions of websites including Facebook, Spotify, and Youtube. It also blocks annoying pop-ups.

Requests Blocked - uBlock


uBlock blocks malware distributed through malicious ads. It also blocks invisible trackers used to track your browsing records. Users can configure their own rules to block specific trackers.


It speeds up the browsing experience and loads web pages faster.


Users can enable ads from selective websites with the help of this feature.

Support & Maintenance

With uBlock, we built a leading, global internet product for over 2 years that received a 5-star rating in the app store & was listed among the top 5 browser extension ad-blockers globally, catering to millions of users daily. At present, we provide hands-on support and maintenance to uBlock team.