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By working with a lot of startups and building solutions for companies, we have gained a rare expertise in designing and engineering top-notch software products just from an idea. Two of the most recent examples are...


ExerciseBuddy is an iPad-based visual exercise system, which solves the difficult problem of introducing exercise to individuals with autism.

Iterate.ai is a cloud-based platform, which matches large enterprises in need for innovative technology solutions to startups providing them.


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Change the way you converse on the Web.

Analytics delivered in 10 days for $10k.



We are opinionated people. Our blog reflects our opinions about things happening in, out and around us.


Startups – Do not take the first wrong step

There are many startup events happening these days and people visiting these events have cool ideas around building software products. Most of them do not know how to build a software product. They tend to take the first wrong step More

Building a startup product: Freelancers vs In-house Team vs Consulting Firm

“I have a solid software product idea but I am non-technical. Is it better for me to hire freelancers, hire an in-house team, or a hire consulting firm?” More



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