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At Digicorp, we design and build digital health products that leverage protected health information (PHI), technology, and platforms.

Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Patient Health Information Storage
  • Interoperability
  • Security and Access Control
  • Clinical Decision Support


Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Patient Portals and Health Information Access
  • Health Education and Information Sharing
  • Remote Monitoring and Telehealth Capabilities
  • Patient Feedback and Surveys
mHealth App Development
  • HL7, HIPAA, and FDA-compliant Mobile Health Applications
  • Seamless integration with EHR systems to exchange health data
  • Reporting tools to track progress or generate reports for healthcare providers
  • Improved Prescription Monitoring and Adherence
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Reduced Errors
  • Cost Savings and Workflow Efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance and Security
Digital Therapeutics
  • On-demand digital therapy via intuitive DTx applications
  • Remote diagnosis and treatment
  • Personalized e-patient care merged with regulatory excellence
  • Virtual diagnosis and remote patient care with coherent telehealth platforms
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of Health Conditions
  • Enhanced Care Coordination and Collaboration
  • Cost Savings and Efficiency

Digicorp’s Healthtech Product Development Journey in Numbers


Years of experience in development


Healthtech solutions built


Facilities using solutions built by us


Patients benefited from solutions built by us

We Blend Healthcare with Technology to Build Human-Centered Products

The process that successfully helps us navigate through the unique challenges of healthcare software development


Regulatory Compliance is an Integral Part of Healthtech Software Solutions

We make sure that these healthtech solutions adhere to all required compliances


Case Studies

Some of the Custom Healthtech Solutions we have built


Electronic Health Record (EHR)

A cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) & Billing Software designed to meet the needs of imaging & image-guided procedure specialists such as radiologists & endovascular experts. We have developed over 50 modules and counting while offering ongoing maintenance and support.

Key Solutions & Deliverables
  • Developed several modules including Scheduler, Interoperability Dashboard, E-Prescriptions, Prior Authorization, Health Summary, Patient Portal, Vitals, Problem/Diagnosis, Document Management, and more. 
  • Ensured compliance with all regulatory standards, such as HIPAA, CCHIT, and OHB, to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality. 
  • User-centric UI-UX design backed by a secure and robust infrastructure, providing an intuitive and seamless experience.
  • Offering continuous maintenance and upgrades to ensure optimal performance and keep up with the evolving technology and industry standards.
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MePreg: Pregnancy Tracking App

MePreg is a health and wellness app that helps pregnant mothers manage their pregnancy from day one. The app aims to promote healthy pregnancies and provides end-to-end tracking and monitoring of their journey to motherhood.

Key Solutions & Deliverables
  • Built an all-in-one mobile app for expecting mothers that works as the ultimate guide for all things related to pregnancy. 
  • Developed advanced features like tracking daily baby movements, scheduling appointments, providing the latest pregnancy information, maintaining a journal of baby bump, and more.
  • Intuitive UI and UX design, iOS and Android application development.
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Exercise Buddy - UI/UX Design, Product Development, Mobile App Development by Digicorp

Exercise Buddy: Wellness App for Autism

Exercise Buddy has developed exercise programs with different exercise components that can change the lives of children with autism, down syndrome, and other physical and cognitive disabilities. It has over 200 visuals on social narrative and over 150 exercise videos to help instructors make their sessions more effective while monitoring the real-time progress of each child.

Key Solutions & Deliverables
  • End-to-end solution consisting of a back-end system, a mobile application, and APIs.
  • The app was filled with different exercises with postures and illustrative videos to help parents and instructors educate children easily. It also includes the functionality to monitor real-time progress of the child.
  • UI-UX design keeping in mind the accessibility guidelines to meet the needs of the specially-abled users.
  • Featured a centralized system that coaches can use to manage users, groups, categories, exercises, and workouts.
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Experiences shared by Healthcare Experts we have worked with

 We can help you introduce a new digital solution into a working facility without disrupting care delivery and build a Custom Healthtech Solution from ground up. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Digicorp, our values revolve around attentive listening, continuous learning, and translating insights into transparent solutions that benefit users on both ends. Our commitment to facilitation serves as a catalyst for innovation in Healthcare software development. With a specialized focus on human-centered design processes and leveraging modern, proven technologies, we bring almost two decades of invaluable experience collaborating closely with healthcare experts. This enables us to craft solutions that improve the standard of care delivery, ensuring better quality and impactful outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


We understand that healthcare is a highly regulated industry that demands compliance with various security standards and certifications. Health data requires the greatest level of protection along with patients’ financial and personal information. Outside of minimizing legal risks and fines, compliance with industry standards allows hospitals to establish trust with the patients. Some vital healthcare software development security standards and laws we have adhered to are HIPPA, GDPR, HL7, CCHIT, OHB, and more.

Building a Healthtech solution can vary significantly based on the complexity and requirements. A basic solution with essential features might take several months to a year for development, with varying costs while more comprehensive solutions with advanced functionalities and compliance needs could take much longer.

At Digicorp, we conduct a Product Discovery to identify the ideal solution keeping in mind the client’s specific needs. At the end of the Product Discovery, we provide the timeline and cost required to build the solution along with the other deliverables.

We use the following technologies and platforms in Healthtech development:

Programming Languages: Microsoft .Net Technologies, Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Swift (iOS) and Kotlin(Android)

Cloud Platforms: AWS, Microsoft Azure

Integration: HL7, FHIR, DICOM, Surescripts, Payment Gateway

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