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LegalWiz.in Founders - Naman Pipara and Shrijay Sheth
Founding Members of LegalWiz.in – Naman Pipara (Left) and Shrijay Sheth (Right)

In the second episode of D’Podcast, Abhishek Desai and Kuntal Shah converse with Shrijay Sheth, an entrepreneur, who has worked at companies like Qualcomm, San Diego Workforce Partnership and LegalZoom. He currently runs LegalWiz.in, a company that provides online legal solutions and legal documents in India. LegalWiz.in is here to make high quality professional services more transparent, affordable and accessible. They do all the complex legal work, so that you get more time to work on your business.

They discuss how did it all begin, the first validation step, any major breakthroughs and how LegalWiz.in acquired thousand paying customers in the first year itself! They also discuss about technology used by LegalWiz.in and how it is making the business scalable compared to competitors.

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Shrijay, it is in a way kind of crazy. I mean how do you have 1000 paying customers in the first year?

Shrijay: When we talk about acquiring customers, retaining customers is more important to us. Our customer service standards are extremely high and that is the one of major reasons, why we’ve been able to stay in this game as a more sustainable business and acquire so many customers.

What were the first validation steps you took?

Shrijay: The first validation steps definitely came from friends and family. Asked lot of people about the pain points they faced running the day to day business. We figured out people either spent a lot of time or money or they actually stay very non-compliant with the law because they think that it is very complicated. That was the first good validation that we had to our business model; If we can use technology to simplify lot of dealings then we may have a lot of more people would be willing to stay compliant with the law.

Is there any major breakthrough, which gave you a lot of confidence?

Shrijay: We do have our fair share of larger corporates, who are our clients but in my understanding since we are serving startups and small scale businesses, from the business professional services standpoint to make feel that they are big enough that is the differentiator. Every customer, may be small or big in terms of balance sheet, I think it is a big customer for us.

We always talk about “Luck” in this podcast. How much part do you think “Luck” played in success of LegalWiz.in so far?

Shrijay: I think a lot and I also think none. When I say “NONE” because I do want to give a fair share of credit to the talented team that we’ve assembled. And lot of hard work that actually being put up by these people to get customers and to serve customers beyond their expectations. And the answer “YES” because a lot of people have great ideas and abilities but don’t have great resources or they don’t execute. Meeting Naman (Co-founder) to start at a right time vice-versa is probably a luck.

Looking forward to hear your feedback and suggestions.

  • Posted on June 6, 2017

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