Job Description:

A full stack designer (some years ago people called them web designers or sometimes are called product designers, or just designers) is a designer that gets involved in every stage of a product design: research, design, HTML/CSS.

What will you do at Digicorp? 

  • Doing research to Understand the Industry and gaining domain specific knowledge with respect to product, understand the end user.
  • Create mind maps, user personas, empathy maps, user research document, customer journeys, user flow diagrams, wire-frames.
  • Using the the knowledge gained in UX Design process to create usable and aesthetic Visual Design mockups
  • that adhere to UI design standards and best practices.
  • Converting the defined Wire-Frames and Visual Designs to html, css, js based Front-end UI.
  • Adhering to the html structure specific to Front-End frameworks like Angular, React while creating html, css code.
  • Learning and integrating Propeller Framework, our in-house Front-End UI Library

What are we looking for? 

  • Ability to plan and implement new designs
  • Ability to optimise existing user interface designs
  • Ability to test for intuitivity and experience
  • Ability to Communicate with clients to understand their business goals and objectives
  • Ability to create ui and ux deliverables and documentation that strive to deliver intuitive and user-centered solutions
  • Ability to present and explain the documentation created to the team members as well as client
  • Ability to combine creativity with an awareness of the design elements
  • Ability to create prototypes for new product ideas
  • Test new ideas before implementing
  • Ability to conduct an ongoing user research, must be inclined to research and learn about different industry domains
  • A self learner and a go-getter

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