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2021 was a challenging yet progressive year compared to 2020 for many. People had to adapt to the new ways of living and working due to COVID. It was no different for Digicorp. Despite all our struggles, we accomplished a lot in 2021 and exceeded our expectations!

Since our inception in 2004, we have grown from a handful of team members to an organization that has 150 team members, served more than 500 customers, and built 3 successful ventures.

It was surely a difficult journey but we were able to take it because of our team – the Digicorpians, our customers, and our well-wishers. Thank you so much for your continued faith, hard work, and support. You’ve never let us down!

Here’s how one more year went for us.

We started the year with COVID and the “new normal” way of working from home with amazing products and customers. Thanks to the preceding year, we were equipped with better tools and techniques which helped us build and deliver remarkable products.

Financially 2021 was an excellent year for Digicorp. We were able to achieve our targeted revenue and profitability goals. Our sales and marketing team did a fantastic job of getting new customers through the door. With the support of our engineering team, the existing customer accounts grew 1.5-2x.

We improved our product management processes to improve the quality of products we craft. We trained our PMs for UI/UX, OKR framework, and people management. Quarterly product reviews helped customers acquire more users and increased their chances of product success.

Like every year, we learned new technical skills which included Designops AI/ML, and Docker. We trained more team members on these skills by implementing them in a few products. We also trained new team members on D’Library – our internal product development framework and AWS services.

2021 was extremely challenging when it comes to capacity building. We had a hard time acquiring new talent due to a shortage of skilled people. Our HR team did a stupendous job to ensure that we had enough hands available to support our existing and new customers. 

Overall we can summarize 2021 as a year of growth, a year of learnings, a year of gratitude, and a year of perseverance. 

What’s next for this year? 

Our team’s passion, dedication, and zeal make us do better every year. We are looking forward to growing 100% this year. We also wish to position Digicorp as a thought leader in Industry. We are focused on providing better and more efficient consulting services to our customers. This will mean applying techniques of Agile, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking. We will be fine-tuning our product management and product development processes to make us efficient and agile by focusing on SCRUM, Extreme Programming, and Automated Testing. We will continue investing in our people by training them on technologies like Python, D3, KNEX, Selenium, etc. We also aim to provide better infrastructure, better career growth, and new perks for Digicorpians.

We look forward to a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year ahead!

Digicorp a year in review 2021
Digicorp a year in review 2021
Digicorp a year in review 2021
Digicorp a year in review 2021
Digicorp a year in review 2021
  • Posted on February 4, 2022

Being a co-founder, Sanket has worn many hats at Digicorp. He brings the expertise in the areas of strategic business planning, product planning, product development, marketing, and sales. He is currently responsible for building Digicorp’s own products and managing worldwide client relations for Digicorp.

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