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We respect Fred Wilson. He is a VC and writes an excellent blog “AVC“.

He wrote a gem of an article recently – “You Are Not Your Work”

This article gave us a new way to think about our work. It is also inline with our current transformation as a company.

An excerpt from the article:

One of my favorite lines from an entrepreneur came from Rob Kalin. I am sure I’ve shared it here a few times. He said “I am an artist. Making websites is my medium right now”. That’s a helpful way for entrepreneurs to think about their work.

Yes, indeed this is a great way for us to think about our work – “I am an artist. Making interactive digital solutions for clients is my medium right now.”

Another excerpt:

They (entrepreneurs) are the painter. Some paintings will hang in the MOMA and others will sit gathering dust in a storage room. Not every thing you create will be brilliant. But you can be brilliant while still making work that isn’t, particularly if you understand why the work that wasn’t great wasn’t great.

Wow, this happens all the time. Not every thing we create at Digicorp is brilliant. Sometimes things simply don’t work out. But if we think and understand why the work we did was not so great, we can still be brilliant in the process.

Awesome. Simply one of the best articles we have read recently.

Thank you Fred.

  • Posted on January 30, 2014

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