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Recently, I read a few articles about the most important job of the founder – Passing the vision.

All of them say, that it is a full time, continuous and ongoing job but only few of them explain how to do it. This post is my attempt to explain it.

Few days back, I had a meeting with my colleagues Pratik and Hamidbhai on releasing a stable version of one of the large products we are working on.

To give you a brief idea about the product; it is a configurable transaction framework. We have been working on this product for more than 5 years now. Pratik and I have worked on it from the beginning and current team size is 30.

At this stage, the core objective is to stabilise the product but how do we pass and execute the vision of stabilising the product?

We were brainstorming around different possibilities and Hamidbhai came up with a suggestion.

As senior members of the organisations, Pratik and I should not get bogged down by performing daily activities, rather we should coach / train all team members spread across different areas (QA, Support, Development, Engineering, Release etc.) for couple of hours daily. We should also help establish processes. This will benefit us in following ways:

  • The objective / vision of stabilising the product will pass very clearly (hopefully) from the top.
  • Ideally in few weeks, maturity of the team will grow to that of the most senior level.
  • The experience of the top level can be leveraged at the right place and in the right context.

This may look like micromanagement at first place and may be it is. But you are actually grooming your team members and increasing their maturity with these kinds of interactions. One of the good things about us humans is, once we have learned something we can effectively apply it in different contexts.

Digicorp has a vision to build great teams which in turn will build great products.

In order to pass and execute this vision we have to groom team members like parents teaching children to walk as opposed to passing a baton during a relay race.

Also by doing this we are sticking to two of our core values, “Teach and Learn Twice” and “Growth and Learning is Life”.

What do you think? What are you doing for passing the vision in your organisation?

  • Posted on September 8, 2014

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