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Turning 11

This is the copy of an email Kuntal sent to the entire company on 16th Jan 2015 – on the day we completed 11-years of Digicorp. I feel it is worth sharing in public as it gives an overall perspective of what Digicorp is and where we are heading as a company. Do let us know what you think.


Hello Digicorp,

I would like to congratulate all of you on the completion of 11 years of our brainchild DIGICORP. It has been a wonderful journey and will remain so for sure. The primary reason is the fact that we have been blessed with such great teams. No single person, event, project or client could have made the difference, which we all together are making in this journey. The contribution made by each one of you in this journey is of immense importance.

If I were to attribute the single most important and differentiating factor of DIGICORP , I would say it is the teams which are conducive to the growth of Right Ideas. I am not able to figure out the right words in order to emphasise the importance of this but believe me this would have been impossible to achieve without the right kind of people with right kind of attitude.

Typically on completion of a year (birthdays), we retrospect over the events of the past year and we plan for the next year. Let me share my views on both.

The last year has been unique; by unique I mean we did many things which we never did. To summarise a few of them.

  • Grand party thanking all who helped us reach the 10-year mark.
  • A complete makeover of Development Process and Organisational Structure.
  • Brainstorm many of the fundamental business development ideas, which will become foundation for our upcoming growth.

In contrast, we did not execute a few of our regular events in the past year. For e.g.

  • No picnic.
  • No regular events except D’Meetup and D’Workshop.

Let me assure you that we will be enjoying all our regular events in the coming year with the same zeal.

While the above is happening inside DIGICORP, the trends in the software service industry are changing very rapidly. Following articles explains where it is heading and why.

Well, none of the above articles are written by me. They are selectively chosen from what we read and they suggest a definite major shift in the way IT Services industry in India is being run.

The gist of the articles is not at all disheartening, it just gives us the confidence and conviction that our ideas for making meaningful / usable software are timeless and the demand for that will never be over. Having said that, the time is demanding a major shift in the way we develop software.

So what are the firm thoughts this 11 year brainchild has

  • We need to have great teams. We definitely have right people to create them.
  • These great teams should be developing software only if they are planning to reuse the efforts in the most efficient way. Software development can be so much rewarding in all aspects if it has been taken as a tool to reuse the knowledge with minimum / zero extra production, support and implementation cost.
  • We need to firmly and quickly move from a technology provider to a solution provider.
  • We need to work in synergy as opposed to silos and must utilise existing expertise and experience in each and every possible opportunity coming our way.

Finally, following is what I would be using as a guideline while making any decisions:

  • Understanding the underlying meaning of D’Constitution (Goals, Guidelines and Processes) and implement it with the conviction and wisdom. The wisdom part plays a very vital role here because if done in the right manner, DIGICORP will definitely become a great place to work for a long time to come.
  • Understanding the underlying meaning of reusability and creating a meaningful D’Framework that can provide sensible, usable, scalable, and reusable business functionalities. At the end of the year we will have a list of business functionalities which can be pushed through D’Framework in any of the projects with a minimal or no extra effort. This will form the strong foundation to our ambition of providing meaningful / usable software at a lower price with a higher quality and performance consistency.
  • Revisiting the business development efforts and aligning them in accordance to the shift from the technology provider to a business solution provider. Increase the footprint in the US market, establish direct contacts with the end clients and define clear revenue targets for this year and achieve them.
  • Keep providing best services to our existing client base.  Just to share one line from Abhishek. (“I see that we are building three billion dollar companies in parallel.” – Axiom, PetPooja and guess which one is third? It is DIGICORP (which is all other clients and their projects. Now how does that make DIGICORP a billion dollar company? The answer lies in the first two points.)
  • Take hard and firm decisions to increase the profitability of the business by quickly eliminating wastage, improving efficiency and heading towards “make once, sell frequently”. We will be automating a few internal processes or converting them to tools in order to increase efficiency.
    So let us all together live this dream and work towards achieving it from TODAY.

I thank you all for your patience. I recommend that you all please write back and share your thoughts on this. I would be happy to read comments from every one of you and answer them. It is your participation in these goals which will take DIGICORP further. We at DIGICORP do not believe in top-down push. We are a team where synergy of thoughts and efforts will help us achieve incredible results and lead us to greatness.

– Kuntal


Abhishek is co-founder of Digicorp and founder of CricHeroes. CricHeroes is an India-first Mobile-first platform organising the vast sector of Indian Local Cricket. It bridges the gap between passionate amateur cricketers and international cricketers with the help of technology.

  • Posted on January 17, 2015

Abhishek is co-founder of Digicorp and founder of CricHeroes. CricHeroes is an India-first Mobile-first platform organising the vast sector of Indian Local Cricket. It bridges the gap between passionate amateur cricketers and international cricketers with the help of technology.

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