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There are many startup events happening these days and people visiting these events have cool ideas around building software products. Most of them do not know how to build a software product. They tend to take the first wrong step – “Write a Feature List, Contact a Software Company and Start Building Software Product.”

In last few months, I have met around 5 founders following this path. My first question to them is “Do you have Lean Canvas?” for your business. Their answer is typically like “What does that mean?”. Following is my advice to them.

If you do not have Lean Canvas, stop all other things and first prepare this one piece of paper. It may take one hour, one day, one week or one month but without this, you should not move ahead. Lean canvas will force you to bring a lot of clarity on your startup idea and business.

Lean Canvas is a very standard concept, so I would not write my version of Lean Canvas. Following are few links explaining the same.

  1. Lean Canvas Definition
  2. Lean Canvas Creation Tool
  3. Brief Video
  4. Detailed Video

Few Sample Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas - Digicorp

Lean Canvas


At Digicorp are currently working on internal products like ReadBoard and BA Apps. We started working these products by creating Lean Canvas. In 2007, we had launched 3 other products Rivals4Ever, SaleDorado, and SignInStyle in one year. At that time we did not prepare the Lean Canvas and today we realize the difference in planning and execution of those products.

         Coming up with a cool idea is easy, but how well you plan and execute it decides the success of it.

If you are a startup and don’t have Lean Canvas, go prepare it. We can always help you prepare it or build your software product.

  • Posted on August 31, 2016

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