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Company Overview

Spahack started in 2014 with a vision to create a platform for massage therapists and consumers to enhance the consumer’s knowledge to the benefits of massage therapy;increase the ease of finding a massage therapist to match consumers’ busy lifestyle through a beautiful and easy to use app; and present more opportunities to massage therapists to perform massage so they may focus on what they do best.


Bring massage therapists and consumers closer in order to make it easier for consumers to receive and therapist to provide massage service.

Problem Description

The client, from the experiences of his own and others, knew that it was difficult to find good massage therapists and finding them at a convenient time and location. There are massage parlors out there providing massage services but finding and visiting them at a convenient time is a big problem. Even if someone could visit a massage parlor, finding a therapist with right skills and expertise is another problem. If you get lucky and find a good therapist at a massage parlor, finding her again is next to impossible.There had to be an easy way to solve these problems and the client knew that technology could help solve them. That’s how the Spahack was born.


The client discussed the problems with Digicorp. We jointly laid out a strategy to build a platform for massage therapists and consumers to receive and provide massage services easily,quickly and without a hassle.

Digicorp developed an end-to-end solution consisting of backend system for administration of consumers, massage therapists, service management and massage rates; a frontend system consisting of iOS application, Android applications, and a marketing website. Web services were developed to connect backend system with iPhone and Android applications and make it scalable to integrate with third party systems in future. Braintree payment gateway services were integrated to facilitate payments to/from consumers and therapists.

The mobile app allows consumers to create their profile, find massage therapists around their current location, look at therapist ratings and reviews, book massage appointment, enter payment information, view past invoices, view past messages, refer friends, share on social media and get customer service.

The mobile app allows therapists to create their profile, schedule their service time, change visibility, modes of service (at home,at office, at massage parlor etc), view massage reservations, take consumer preference notes, view massage requests, start/stop massage, view past massage reservations, view payments received, refer app to friends and get customer service.

Digicorp also suggested and developed a web-based administration module which allows the administrator to easily manage consumers, therapists, massage prices, massage requests, invoices, and payments. We created various reports to give the client a birdseye view for taking better decisions. Along with this, we designed a stunning marketing website to help create awareness online, to explain how spahack works and to encourage users to signup and download the apps.
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  • Spahack mobile application changes the way consumers book spa appointments specifically massages.
  • Spahack is beautiful and easy to use app that gives consumers the flexibility to book last minute spa appointments seamlessly and directly with the massage therapists for their choice.
  • The application allows consumers to receive massage at their preferred location (i.e. Home, Office, Massage Parlours etc)
  • Consumers can now book last minute massage (today and tomorrow), typically priced lower than standard massage rates.
  • Spahack enables massage therapists to serve more consumers and hence increase their business.
  • Massage therapists can fill up their last minute open slots and increase their reach quickly.

Spahack is an app that allows you to book a last minute massage appointment faster, easier, and cheaper. We work with licensed massage therapists to help fill their last minute open slots for a cheaper and competitive rate to the client.

When I was interested bringing my idea to a reality, I knew DigiCorp was the way to go. Sanket and his team has worked very closely with me to understand my idea and bring it together in the form of a beautiful and user friendly app. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work in getting Spahack up and running.”

spahack-clientJimit Patel Founder – SpaHack

Services Provided

  • Consulting and Business Strategy
  • UI and UX Design
  • iPad Application Development
  • iPhone Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • API development
  • Website Development and support
  • Posted on November 9, 2016

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