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Looking for a Product Development Partner

What should you consider while looking for a product development partner?

We partner with entrepreneurs and help them build products and businesses around it. PetPooja and CricHeroes are couple of such examples.

According to me following are the two most important things we bring in as a partner.

Effective Communication & Collaboration : We believe effective communication and collaboration is the  most important part for any partnership. We practice and preach open and honest communication across company and customers. This helps us remain on same page, builds trust and helps us collaborate effectively. Following are the attributes we promote in our communication.

  1. Right
  2. Brief
  3. Clear
  4. Understandable
  5. Timely
  6. Motivating

World Class User Experience :  The most important aspect of any business is not the technology or the uniqueness of the product it is the end user and her problem. At Digicorp, we keep the end user in the middle. The product  teams think about end user, how to solve her problem and to delight her, so that she returns to our product and refers others.

There are many other things which we take care, but these are the two most important factors driving product team’s decision making.

How are we evolving in this journey? You can check out more about our ecosystem here.

By the way,  How do you check these qualities in your partner?

Here is a simple two questions test:

  1. Ask any developer from the product team, if by mistake you have deleted some important data from database and you are to report that to customer in the evening, how would you report it assuming client would complain to your manager?
  2. Ask Product Manager, we need to implement payment mechanism in our app? How to go about it? See his first question “Which payment gateway?” OR “what is the problem user is facing so he needs to make payment through app?”

These are very simple tests. There are obviously more ways to do it.

So far investing in these two factors have made us build successful businesses for our customers. What do you look for in a Product Development partner?

  • Posted on November 20, 2017

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