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Before I justify this bold claim, first let’s understand what is ReadBoard and why we created it?

What is ReadBoard?

ReadBoard enables meaningful contextual conversations on any web article amongst colleagues, friends, family, and web users. The conversations are public-by-default.

The mission of ReadBoard is to bring all the conversations happening on the Web at one place so to become the default destination for millions of people looking for interesting content on the Web everyday.

The vision is to build the largest community of like-minded readers and thinkers on the Web.

Why we created ReadBoard?

Every day millions (120 MILLION people engaged in discussion by Disqus alone) of people read articles, blog posts, news, etc. on the Web using their browsers.

Many of them share these articles on various channels such as Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, HackerNews, etc. to start conversations with their friends, family, colleagues and other web users.

Now how do conversations happen on these channels?

  • Comments on the article itself using the built-in comment module or services like Disqus.
  • Comments using the built-in comment modules of Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and HackerNews, etc.
  • Reply to Tweet or Re-Tweet.
  • Conversations in email threads.

As you can imagine, most of these conversations happen on the entire article and are scattered across various channels.

These conversations are cluttered and not contextual.

There is no way to leave a comment on a specific sentence, quote, paragraph, or part of the article (except articles on medium). You may copy and paste it in the comment at the end of the article or in email along with your views on it. This process is cumbersome and not effective.

So the first objective of ReadBoard is to enable meaningful, contextual conversations on each and every article on the Web.

You may want to make your comments public, so that it can become useful to others like you on the Web and may be you would like to hear their thoughts in that particular context.

Through contextual conversations like these, you meet like-minded people on ReadBoard.

How many times you have tried to recollect an article shared on Facebook (or Email) few weeks back and failed? It is nearly impossible to find those shared articles on those channels after a few days because of the noise. ReadBoard does not have other noise like Facebook or Twitter.

With ReadBoard, you will never lose the comments and context of the conversations again as they will get autosaved in your ReadBoard account.

Many a times, you don’t want to bookmark an entire article but only some part of it along with a note so that you can refer it in future and easily remember the context.

ReadBoard acts as your extended brain in this sense same as Evernote.

How does ReadBoard solve above problems?

Well, ReadBoard is in private beta right now. Try it yourself. Simply sign up with this special link for private beta users.

For the impatient ones, here are some relevant screenshots of ReadBoard.

Install ReadBoard extension for Chrome

Select any part of the web article and click on ReadBoard icon to add a snippet

Start a conversation with colleagues and friends by inviting them

Explore conversations started by like-minded people on ReadBoard.io and join them

So why ReadBoard will change the way you converse on the Web?

ReadBoard is all about putting complete power of conversations in the hands of the readers and not in the hands of the content creators or website owners.

You are in charge of initiating a conversation on any web article and on any part of the article with people you know and like to converse with.

From now onwards, conversations don’t have to be with people you don’t know or have never met. They can definitely add value to the conversation you started, but it should not contain only them.

We firmly believe that the simplicity of ReadBoard (as a solution) is extremely powerful and will change the way you converse on the Web.

Well, try it yourself!

  • Posted on February 24, 2016

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