Website redesign thoughts

Companies generally stuff their websites with a lot of unwanted contents. In most cases it is sheer ignorance. In some cases, it is deliberate for e.g. to get more visitors from Google or to make company look bigger. We have been through both in the past. But when you think of it, your prospective clients and employees want to know just four things,

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why do you do it?
  4. How do I get in touch?

Everything else is secondary.

Your website reflects your companies’ character. It should tell a story and if you want your story to be heard on the web, the content should be sticky and readable.

That is why content and typography are the most important elements of any website. Remember, Design is still about words.

I want to share the thought behind our website redesign process. The new Digicorp website (you are looking at it right now) follows above thought process.

Homepage covers the most important four elements.

  1. Who are you? – ABOUT
  2. What do you do? – WORK
  3. Why do you do it? – BLOG
  4. How do I get in touch? – CONTACT

Content of each page is carefully crafted to make it sticky. Adhering to the basic rules of typography makes it a treat to read across all devices and screen sizes.

Read more about our new logo, tagline and the typeface choice.


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